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The Prostate Gland Function: 10 Crucial Functions of the Prostate

Prostate gland function - why you should know more! 

Before you make any serious decisions about how to treat your prostate, based on your doctor's recommendations, you'd be wise to read all about the 10 crucial functions of the prostate gland. 

Once you know know and understand your prostate, it will become clear why it is so important to keep it healthy and, in my opinion, why it's critical to use natural methods to heal it if it's unhealthy. 

The complexity of your amazing male prostate gland is barely understood by most men. What they come to understand more are the problems it causes later in life when it's not functioning properly.

No wonder it is so vital to men's health
and the propagation of the species


1. Gland: About a third of your semen comes from your prostate. That means that the primary prostate gland function is producing and secreting some of the alkaline fluid that you ejaculate. The fact that this secretion is alkaline helps the sperm survive in the acidic vaginal environment. It is because the prostate secretes something that it is considered to be a gland.

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2. Mix Master: This prostate gland function is all about blending. The seminal vesicles transports sperm made in the testicles. The prostate then mixes the testicles' fluids with its own fluids. During ejaculation, the combination of these fluids surges through the prostate and into the urethra. 

Did you know that PSA is fluid produced in the prostate? You likely know about or have heard of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) with regards to the controversial PSA blood testing. There is a lot of debate about this test because of the many factors that can cause the results to vary widely. 

What does PSA do, and why does the prostate gland make it? First, PSA enables the sperm to swim into the uterus by keeping the semen in liquid form. 

Second, the PSA counteracts an enzyme that comes in with the portion of semen from the seminal vesicles. This enzyme in the fluid from the seminal vesicles essentially glues the semen to the woman's cervix in her vagina ... at its strategic location right next to the entrance of the uterus! Then the PSA dissolves the "glue" with its own enzyme so that the sperm is released and dashes into the uterus to impregnate the egg, IF it is there. 

3. Muscle: The prostate pumps semen through the penis, which is why the prostate gland is also considered to be a muscle. It pumps with enough force so that the semen enters far into the vagina and with enough speed to help the sperm succeed in reaching the cervix and to ensure procreation of the species. 

4. AH!: You know that sound! That's YOU involuntarily commenting on how good it feels! You bet — an added bonus for men is that the pumping action of the prostate feels amazing. This provides a desirable motivation for having sex and for procreating our species.


More Amazing Info on the Prostate Gland Function

5. Male G-spot: Yes, men, you have a G-spot, too! Don't neglect it! Your prostate gland IS your male G-spot. You can stimulate your prostate to produce exceptionally strong sexual responses. This is the most fun prostate gland function so far! 

If you are receptive to this sexual technique, you'll find that you experience the most intense and long-lasting orgasms you've ever had! Why have a regular orgasm when you can have mind-blowing orgasms every time? 

By stimulating your male G-spot, you gain the ability to control ejaculation. Not only can you prolong your orgasms, but you can have “injaculations” in which no semen is expelled. In advanced Taoist and Tantric sexual practices, this is done to contain the sexual energy within. 

6. Filter: Yet another prostate gland function is filtration. The prostate filters and removes toxins in order to protect the sperm. When the sperm is protected from toxins, the optimum quality of sperm is ensured, which enhances the chance of impregnation. 

In fact, this is arguably the most important prostate gland function, especially in terms of wanting to improve your health and the health of your prostate. It's largely what I look at and discuss in my book. 

Because the prostate filters toxins, there's really no surprise then that there is a growing epidemic of prostate disease and cancer. Men, we are dealing with more and more toxins in our food and in our environment. Protect your prostate — and your sex life — by exposing yourself to and consuming fewer toxins. 

7. Erections: You have prostate erection nerves that produce erections by triggering the penis to swell and harden with extra blood flow. These nerves attach to the sides of the prostate. 

If they are damaged, such as during medical prostate procedures (surgery or radiation), then erectile difficulties, possibly impotence, are guaranteed. 

What does that imply? Avoid needing medical prostate procedures by taking great care of your prostate — expose yourself to fewer toxins. 

8. Secretions: Another thing the prostate does is protect the urethra from urinary tract infections. These are more rare in men than in women, which could mean that the prostate's secretions do an excellent job at protecting.

9. Valves: The prostate also controls the flow of urine. The part of the urethra that runs through the prostate gland is called the prostatic urethra. It's about 3cm (1½”) long.  

The prostate surrounds the urethra just below the bladder and controls the flow of urine. It prevents urine from leaving the bladder, except obviously when you're urinating. The prostate also prevents urine from damaging ejaculate during orgasm. 

Two small prostatic muscles, called sphincters, act as gatekeepers with shut-off valves that control and regulate the dual-purpose urethra tube. The gatekeepers know how to ensure that the right fluids flow at the right time — urine or ejaculate. Not a bad design!

One sphincter is located above the prostate where it meets the bladder. This is called the internal upper sphincter. When it's functioning properly, the internal upper sphincter prevents urination until it's time to go. In addition, during ejaculation, it also stops seminal fluid from shooting backwards into the bladder. 

If the sphincter is damaged, then semen can be forced backwards into the bladder. It eventually leaves with normal urination. Known as retrograde ejaculation, this is another possible side effect of prostate surgery. Good luck seeding a woman then! 

The second, external lower sphincter is below the prostate. We can control this sphincter when it's not damaged and operating properly. It prevents dribbling after peeing and is how we voluntarily delay urination when we don't want to go. 

When the sphincter is damaged, we may experience incontinence — urine leaks out or flows uncontrollably. Thus many men with prostate problems are forced to wear adult diapers. 

If you have enough Kegel muscle control, it’s easy to voluntarily control your lower sphincter to stop urine or semen from exiting. Kegel muscle control refers to the ability to squeeze the flow shut. Either one of these sphincter muscles will block the urine until the timing is right to let the urine flow.

An enlarged prostate, or BPH, can squeeze the prostatic urethra tube and the upper or lower sphincter, which makes urination difficult and painful. Along with this comes a host of other unpleasant and uncontrollable symptoms. If you have part of the prostate removed in BPH surgery, a common result for men are the negative side effects of incontinence or retrograde ejaculation.


10. Hormones: Lastly, another prostate gland function is the production of a crucial enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase. Testosterone in the body is converted by this enzyme into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is at least 10 times more powerful than simple testosterone. 

DHT is a potent hormone that has several purposes, which includes the sexual drive and function of men. As mentioned earlier, men can experience a build-up of toxins in the prostate because one of the functions of the prostate is to filter toxins. Over time, this build up may affect the production of this enzyme, which is then responsible for the declining sex drive in men as they get older. 

Another issue is that DHT and testosterone have both been mistakenly targeted as hormones that lead to prostate problems when actually the excessive rise of modern male estrogen levels is to blame. 

Estrogen levels rise because of the prevalence of estrogens in factory foods, commercial meats and dairy, and estrogen-mimicking chemicals present in body-care and household products. It's even found in municipal water and some plastic food packaging. 

The increased estrogen levels often lead to medical interventions with serious side effects including lack of libido.

Unbelievable, isn't it? Not many men understand, or even know about, the prostate gland function other than that it affects urination. It has taken me years to learn about all its functions. 

That's why prostate gland surgery can have such a big impact on men's sexual health.

I bet even most doctors can only name, at most, four or five prostate gland functions. 

It is such a complex gland with so many functions. Therefore, when it's sick with prostate disease, it can wreak havoc on your health. 

You would be wise to do all you can now to enhance the health of your prostate – an unhealthy prostate can have an enormous impact on sexual function and simple daily urination. 

Remember: the prostate is a powerhouse — it's a remarkable gland that can have huge repercussions on a man's quality of life!

Ronald M Bazar, a Harvard MBA, is a health enthusiast and author of the new comprehensive book on the prostate called "Healthy Prostate: The Extensive Guide To Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems Including Prostate Cancer, BPH Enlarged Prostate and Prostatitis", which is available on Amazon, iTunes, Kindle and more outlets, or as an ebook for instant download by clicking on the image below.

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