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Investigating the Causes of Prostate Disease

What are the causes of prostate disease or problems? What causes prostate cancer, prostatitis and what are the causes of enlarged prostate (BPH)?

As I said in Causes Part I, the good news is that most prostate conditions are reversible and can be cured once you understand the underlying causes. 

Many factors are the causes of prostate disease. Some of what is presented here will challenge your viewpoints. Please have an open mind to see if any of the prostate info makes sense to you. If it does then you will find a wealth of valuable help on this site to help you cure or heal your prostate problems.

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Doctors look at the world from the point of view of removing prostate symptoms through medical intervention. They play down the major side effects like incontinence or erectile difficulties and ignore the dangers of some of their testing procedures (like biopsies that can increase your risk of prostate cancer!). 

Instead, natural healing doctors or natural health consultants like naturopaths look to find the causes of the disease and change those so that the symptoms disappear as a consequence. Doesn’t this make sense?

Take a look at these differences in approach: 

Conventional Medicine:

  • doctor responsible 
  • treats symptoms 
  • synthetic remedies/pharmaceutical ingredients 
  • surgeries, radiation, chemo or drug treatments 
  • dangerous side effects possible 
  • creates dependency 
  • after the fact real prevention 
  • sees parts not whole 
  • medical/drug industrial complex

Natural Medicine:

  • individual heals self 
  • treats causes 
  • natural remedies/earth based ingredients 
  • time tested traditional or natural treatments 
  • minimal side effects 
  • empowers individual 
  • prevention 
  • holistic - sees whole person 
  • smaller scale, often real healing modalities 

Read this recent article about Conventional vs. Alternative Medicine that critiques an article in the Economist that tries to debunk Alternative Medicine.

Pharmacies vs. Healthfood

Artwork by Mike Adams -

Causes of Prostate Disease

Remember no one has a monopoly on understanding what causes illness and what creates vibrant health and a vital healthy prostate! 

I made my choice. It was certainly unconventional and took courage to go my way to deal with my prostate disease... 

You can too! Your prostate can be healed if you are willing to learn and are open to change the causes. 

Do not succumb to time harassment and fear that you will get worse if you delay, even in the case of severe prostate cancer. You do have time to make your choices. Take your doctor’s fear that you will get worse unless you act now with a BIG grain of salt. 

So ... here we are back to the cause of your prostate problem. The following list is not all inclusive as you will see as we get deeper into the issues. 

Understanding the causes empowers you to make the changes that will restore your natural prostate health. Remember the body can heal naturally when you remove the causes and start to nourish it with vital foods. 

Our prostates are overloaded with toxins because of the horrendous amount consumed in our modern societies from our poor diets, the hidden toxins in the food supply, the bodycare and household products we use, toxins in our water and air, and electromagnetic radiation.

Aging Is Not the Cause

Causes of prostate disease are related mostly to our inputs from food and the environment. As we age we accumulate more and more toxins, which affects our hormone levels and sensitive prostate tissues.

Diseases of the prostate results in the form of enlargement (BPH), infection (prostatitis), or cancer (prostate cancer). The result is simple — an epidemic of prostate problems.

This is why it appears that aging is the cause of prostate problem, but that is nonsense! Doctors are out to lunch on this diagnosis! Aging is not the cause! It is just an observation or correlation.

We cause our own prostate problems. It just appears more often as we get older because the conditions accumulate over time.

Correlation is not causation!

But that is NOT the natural state of men. Look at other non-modern cultures that are not exposed to what we are and you will see a dramatic difference in rates of prostate disease — their rate is just a tiny percentage of ours.

Tragically, the prostate disease rates are increasing. It takes a lifetime of poor choices and exposures and, lo and behold, men are almost guaranteed to have prostate problems. No fun. It has a BIG impact on a man’s life. It affects your peeing big time and your sex life drastically too.

On top of that, conventional treatments have a long list of serious side effects to take the wind out of your sails! Incontinence and impotence are real and are downplayed by the practitioners who benefit from an ever-rising market for sick prostates. Treating prostate disease is a good business to be in — and it is a huge business!

Give me a break! The conclusion here is not more surgeries, toxic drugs, radiations, and chemos! We must change the causes.

We have to take charge of our health and adopt new life-enhancing and toxic-minimizing habits. Otherwise we are doomed to an unhappy ending and, if the rates of prostate disease keep going up, perhaps we threaten the very survival of our species.

fructose overload infographic

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