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Natural Treatment of Prostate Cancer Is Possible

Natural treatment of prostate cancer is possible if you are willing to learn and make lifestyle changes. There is no magic bullet. The benefits of natural treatment are many in my opinion.

1. You avoid the dangers of conventional prostate cancer treatments:

  • metatisis or spreading of the cancer beyond the protective prostatic capsule
  • re-occurence in the future even if you have the whole prostate removed. Yes, it's possible! That's because the whole area where the prostate was becomes cancerous.

2. You avoid the serious risks of possible and unpleasant side effects that will impact your life:

These side effects are very real and affect many men after conventional treatments. Read more on this site or in my book where I go into great length about all this.

The best thing to do for prostate cancer is to stop the causes. It's not radiate, poison, or slice out the prostate, the center of your manhood. Cancer happens for many reasons and that is the focus of my book and the info on this site. You should know that there are natural cures for prostate cancer.

Natural treatments involve: spending time on your education; changing your lifestyle habits; eating really, really well at the top of my scale of quality food inputs; and, stopping the onslaught of toxic personal care products made with cancer-causing poisons. We all use them and have made the mistake of thinking they are not harmful.

But many household cleaning items like laundry detergents, soaps and shampoos, body care products, toothpastes, air fresheners, and the like all have an impact on your health — bit by bit over decades. So do the inoculations, or vaccinations, we have had. So do our many cooking utensils think "no stick." All contain harmful ingredients.

Then there is the tragic use of microwaves that kill the food. Read about the experiments that the Russians did on cats. They all died from the effects of the microwaved food which they ate for a month. Microwaves were banned for years there.

Read my STOP list in my book for lots more info on the dangers of our modern lifestyle.

Too much hassle for you to change, or you disagree? That's fine. Then this approach is not for you. But for men who are willing to try another way, then read up and learn what to do.

The natural treatment of prostate cancer is no mystery. You start with stopping the bad stuff. You add the best possible. You personally test what your body wants (see my book on how to KNOW for sure). You start to do cleanses to rid your body of old toxins and a gut that is filled with toxic debris.

You add only those supplements that test positive for you. You build your intestinal flora with good probiotics. You do a cleansing diet for a short period but have a nourishing diet as your foundation. No fad diets, no diet based on what you should do. You use common sense. If it doesn't make sense, then please ask me why after you have read my info.

Remember you have time. Prostate cancer in most cases is slow growing so making the changes will work. If you have a serious condition, then still follow this path. Read this book for what a top surgeon did with his terminal case of prostate cancer:

Prostate Health Diet ebook

While I disagree with some of his diet recommendations (see my book), this book will show you how powerful it can be to change your inputs. He was given a week to live, by the way, so he figured he had nothing to lose by changing.

Look for many more suggestions on the natural treatment of prostate cancer on this site and in my book.

Remember your doctor and urologist may most likely disagree with all I say here. At best, they have no training in alternative approaches and may be rewarded financially by undertaking what they believe. Take your time to learn and calm yourself from the fear-based approach so often used.

Your body naturally heals itself if you give it a chance. Understand that prostate cancer is the way your body protects itself from the toxins that have gone to vulnerable parts of the body. Cancer is trying to save you if you will heed its message.

And understand that one of the functions of the prostate gland is to remove toxins from your ejaculate. All those toxins right there at one of your most vulnerable places developing cancer to protect itself.

So change, cleanse, nourish and heal. That's the natural treatment of prostate cancer that I recommend.

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