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How to Massage the Prostate Safely

Here is how to massage the prostate whether you are doing it yourself or by a lover, with or without a prostate massage device. Please spend some time reading up on my tips here to avoid possible injury to your prostate gland, especially if you have a prostate condition.

Being gentle is essential because too much pressure can damage the very sensitive tissues of your prostate. You need to learn how to prostate massage with the correct techniques first to enter the rectum easily and then to massage safely.

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Please go here to read up on the many prostate massage benefits if you haven't already done so.

While many men react negatively at first to the concept of prostate massage, once you know how to massage the prostate properly and understand the benefits using proper prostate massage techniques you will change your mind.

Look, I know all about that! I thought the anus was for one purpose only - a visit to the can daily and the thought of touching that part of my body let alone inserting a finger or prostate massage device turned me right off!

Also, my experience with the famous digital rectal exam was not pleasant. The doctors who did it were not adept at it and never allowed time for the anal muscles to relax first before he or she poked their finger in. When done properly, with a few seconds time for the anus to relax to the touch, then it is not at all painful.

If you do it yourself or with a lover then you have all the time in the world for the anal sphincter to relax to allow comfortable entry. That makes the world of difference. And lots of lubrication is essential.

Once I got over my anal hangups and fears, I realized how pleasant the feelings are and how beneficial internal prostate massage can be. Being clean down there is the first step in knowing how to massage the prostate. So shower first before beginning.

Self Prostate Massage

Doing your own prostate massage yourself is probably the best way to start so you are in control and can go at your own speed. You get a chance to explore your feelings, relax fully and find out what works for you, and there is no danger of hurting yourself if you are gentle.

When you do it yourself, it is not at all painful or uncomfortable because you are in control and can feel exactly what is happening. And then you can reap the rewards...

Therapeutic prostate massage is getting stagnant fluids out of the prostate and getting more blood to circulate. This makes a big difference to your prostate health either in preventing prostate problems in men or in helping to heal a prostate condition.

Preparation Tips for How to Massage the Prostate

  1. Shower to get clean
  2. The best position and most relaxing one is to use your bed while lying back with pillows to support your back and head
  3. Place a towel underneath to protect the bed linens
  4. Get a thick Personal Lubrication like KY Jelly. Using plenty of lube enables easy entry and makes the whole process pleasurable rather than uncomfortable.
  5. If you are going to use your finger for your prostate massage then please go here for all the tips on how to do it properly... Internal Prostate Massage
  6. However, there are wonderful prostate massage devices you can use for a prostate massage. They are designed for the purpose and are safe and easy to use and I would choose one of them as the best way to get a proper prostate massage.

Prostate Massage Devices

You can choose from two basic types of massage devices:

The High Island Health Massager really makes it easy to do and is designed for safety because it can only go in so far. It has a perineum massage disk attached for the outside area. It works by your doing anal contractions that automatically massage your prostate. They look a little weird until you understand how great a design it is.

The shape is specifically made to massage as much of the surface of the prostate as possible through the thin rectal wall adjacent to the prostate. The size and angles of the head of the device does this so well. What I really like about it is the safety factor in that it just cannot go in too far because of the perineum disk, and the fact that it is controlled by your squeezes. You just cannot hurt yourself by using it correctly.

So you get two massages in one with this how to massage the prostate device: an internal prostate massage and an external one through the perineum. Your male G-spot gets stimulated, increasing blood flow and toxin removal. The result is a healthy prostate over time.

Do not be intimidated by the shape or size. It is really easy to insert when you follow my specific instructions on how to massage the prostate with the Pro State Massager here:

It will open up a whole world of pleasurable sensations and health benefits for you. Learn how to massage your prostate properly and you will reap the rewards.

The Sonic Prostate Massager is really much more of an electronic medical device. It is exceptional in its design and ease of use. As a big bonus it requires only 90 seconds of use once inserted saving you a lot of time over the average 20 minutes recommended for the Aneros prostate massager.

This one is my choice for a simple non-sexual prostate massage for prostate health. I love the short time it takes and as an added bonus, it is really easy to insert.

Because it uses electronic pulses from the battery, the massage head is smaller than the Pro State Massager and this helps make it simple to insert.

The 2 Minute Sonic Prostate Massager at Sonic Speed!

The Sonic Prostate Massager uses sonic pulse waves to quickly stimulate your prostate. It is a portable battery operated massager designed for soothing the prostate:

  • Improves blood flow in your prostate gland
  • Improves lymph fluid flow, which helps to cleanse the blood in the affected areas
  • Stimulates nerve endings and improves erectile function
  • Strengthens and tones the prostate area muscles
  • Improves semen quality and flow
  • Strengthens bladder control, improves urination flow and relieves pain

Check out the feedback comments at the site and see what other men are saying about this great prostate massage device.

How to massage the prostate gland with the
Sonic Prostate Massager:

You will need

Here's what to do:

  • shower to get clean
  • place the towel on your bed and lie down on it with your back and head well supported by pillows
  • I prefer this position instead of the leaning over a table method in their instructions on how to massage the prostate. It is far easier and more relaxing
  • put some lubricant on your anus and on the massage head of the device (use the smaller one for at least the first month, then the larger one if you want)
  • with the handle in the up position, place the head of the massager onto your anus
  • add a bit of pressure and slowly and gently push
  • once it is in a bit make sure your angle of entry is more upwards as this is the direction of the anal tube. Once you have the right angle, a little extra push will help it slide in for a total depth of around 2 inches
  • allow a bit of time to get comfortable with the feeling
  • then set your timer to 90 - 120 seconds and press the on button
  • after 15 seconds, start moving the device by gently pushing up and down on the handle so the massage head presses against your prostate
  • move this back and forth (up/down/in/out/left/right) until the time is up
  • switch off and remove
  • do not surpass the time as too much stimulation defeats the purpose of the massage and will be too energetic for your prostate
  • clean up the device head with warm soapy water
  • wait at least 48 hours before you do the next massage, maybe 2-3 times per week

That's it! Now you know how to massage the prostate quickly and easily with this wonderful device.


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