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Prostate Massage Milking for Health, Pleasure and
Great Sex!

Prostate massage milking  sure has wonderful benefits for your prostate health, for simple pleasure, and for great sex if you want that! Somehow I think most men have an interest in that subject.

Prostate massage milking is a term used to describe prostate massage because it is often possible to excrete prostatic fluids from the prostate without an erection or orgasm. This fluid does not contain any sperm and is also known as prostate milk.

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Prostate Milking

Prostate milk is a fluid that the prostate produces to protect the sperm and to enhance the chance of impregnation in women. It is naturally milky white in appearance and thus is known as prostate milk.

When men ejaculate, the sticky semen contains

  • sperm from the testicles
  • fluids from two small glands - the seminal vesicles- located right beside the prostate, and produce about 60% of the seminal fluid
  • alkaline fluids - prostate milk - from the prostate, about 30-35% of the semen

The benefit of self prostate milking is that it removes stagnant fluids from the prostate. In some men, prostate milk will flow quite freely when you learn how to milk the prostate.

In others with a prostate condition like an enlarged prostate, there may be none or only a few drops of prostate milk that is released.

However when prostate milking is done with sexual stimulation in mind, then with orgasm the amount of fluids in the ejaculate is usually increased and is one of the reasons prostate massage and sexual orgasm is so wonderful!

Prostate Massage Milking:
How to Milk the Prostate

You can do it by yourself or with your partner. It is usually best to do so by yourself first so you are in control. This way you can take the time to be gentle and relaxed so it is comfortable as you experience the new sensations.

You can use your middle finger or a special massage device that is designed for optimum prostate massage. If you want the best, then the device shown below is superb.

It makes self prostate milking both healthful and pleasurable. The head of the prostate massager presses on more of the prostate surface than can be done with your finger. The result is more stimulation, more blood flow circulation in the prostate and more fluid movement.

If you have never as a man explored the rectum for massage purposes, then it is time to let go of possible negative feelings or thoughts about this part of your body.

In tantric and taoist advanced sexual practices, the prostate was an area of the man's body that had to be mastered to control ejaculation and to prolong orgasm.

And women always knew that to insert a finger during love making added a huge degree of pleasure with the added benefit of being healthy for the prostate. Of course she would have to be trained to use just the right amount of pressure - a very gentle one - so as not to damage the prostate.

Be gentle when doing self prostate milking!

So when you massage your prostate, always be careful to be gentle. The prostate is a gland and needs only subtle massage pressure for optimum results. By doing your own massage at first you can control this easily.

Using a specially designed prostate massage device can be a big help. If you are in a rush and want it to take only minutes then, the Sonic Massage Device is perfect for you. If you have an enlarged prostate then this device is what you want.

Otherwise, I highly recommend the Aneros prostate massager to help make your prostate milking massage pleasurable and healthful at the same time. It is my favorite for both non-sexual and sexual prostate massage, but takes a bit more time.

Go to these pages for more information on exactly how to do your massage:

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Written by Ronald M Bazar,
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~MBA, Harvard University
~the author of this website.

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