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Let's Get Clear on Prostate Infection Symptoms 

Remember: most prostate infection symptoms are similar among the three most common prostate diseases: prostatitis, BPH and cancer. If you suspect that you have a prostate problem, research all three conditions. 

The best way to know what condition ails you is to visit your doctor. Once you have a diagnosis, treat and heal it with the lifestyle changes recommended in my book, Healthy Prostate. These are absolutely necessary in order to detox and fortify your immune system, which fights any infection, anywhere in the body. 

Infection is a natural reaction to some kind of attack on the immune system. Standard medical treatment is toxic meds. They may be necessary in the very short term. But in the long term – if you really want to heal – you have to build up your immune system. 

The way you do that is to stop the wrong inputs of food, medicines, supplements and bodycare and household products. If you don’t think these have an impact on your health then wisen up or leave this site. It is not for you! 

Start to replace the poor quality inputs with high quality. Start to do cleanses that accelerate the removal of toxins so your immune system has a fighting chance. Take appropriate foods and occasional supplements like aloe vera that reduce inflammation. 

You can read more in this site as I add more material from my book or simply get Healthy Prostate that describes all the details of how to go about making these changes. Know that your prostate infection symptoms contain a blessing for you – they are a wake up call to get really healthy in a way you never imagined. I mean ‘healthy’ in a way that is unique for you and your body. 

There is no one diet for everyone since we are all so different. What I teach you in my book is how to personally test which foods, etc. are ideal for you. You will know and know that you know.

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Believe it or not, prostatitis is most common in young and middle-aged men. Ages 30 – 50 is the norm for the appearance of prostate infection symptoms. It may come on gradually or may completely take you by surprise and show up out of the blue. In men over 50, it’s usually BPH. 

As mentioned on other pages, there are four varieties of prostatitis. All varieties are associated with inflammation and irritation, whereas only two of these are considered to be infections. They are: acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis. We’re going to look specifically at the prostate infection symptoms of these two types of prostatitis. 

It is possible that asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis may have bacteria present, but once it’s detectable, will be classified as bacterial. 

Before reading further, you may want to visit the page on what the prostate gland is and the page with thorough information about prostatitis

Inflammation is one of the prostate infection symptoms, and is a normal occurrence when infection is present. Remember that infection is the presence of micro-organisms which use you, its host, to reproduce, leading to infection and disease. Where there is infection, there is inflammation, the body’s natural response. Inflammation in the body means that the body is doing its innate job of fighting infection or repairing injury. 

After a DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) indicating that your prostate is swollen, tender, firm and perhaps even irregular in shape, your doctor will take a standard urine test to help diagnose. A simple urine sample will alert your doctor as to whether or not bacteria is present. Your doctor will also rule out other infections such as bladder or kidney. 

Of course, one of the key ways that you will know something is wrong, and that will indicate there is an infection, is that you will have difficulty with urination. This is called ‘dysuria’ – pain and burning when you pee! You won’t miss this symptom! 

Other common prostate infection symptoms that are similar to an enlarged prostate (BPH) and prostate cancer are: 

  • Having troubles peeing, you start, you hesitate, you stop, you strain, you dribble – it’s like trying to get your car to point B while the brakes are still on. 
  • Peeing frequently, to the point of annoyance; you stop drinking close to bedtime just so you can get some sleep. 
  • Experiencing urgency in needing to urinate and when you finally get there, sometimes not much happens – what a disappointment! And a pain. 

With the following symptoms, you may experience this with prostate cancer as well:

  • Pain and stiffness in your pelvic area: abdomen, groin, lower back, hips 
  • An ache or pain in your perineum, which is that spot between your scrotum and rectum 
  • Some of you may feel pain or an ache in your penis or testicles 
  • Orgasm and ejaculation hurts! 
  • Issues around erections and maintaining sexual arousal 

Prostate infection symptoms that are unique to bacterial prostatitis are:

  • With the acute version, you’ll get symptoms much like those of a flu: chills, fever, joint and muscle pain, fatigue and general malaise. 
  • With the chronic version, you could experience problems having sex and possibly a discharge out the tip of the penis. 

With all prostate disorders, stress and depression are likely to set in as well, neither of these help your case or help you heal. Do whatever you can to avoid these two common reactions. In my experience, not waiting for the doctor to give you the miracle cure will help. Take things into your hands. You are not a disempowered victim of ill health with no say in the state of your health. Once you realize that you can have a huge impact on getting healthier, you will start to feel better. 

Educate yourself, change your diet, use simple methods to treat the discomfort when it happens. And know that you are not alone! My book and website can guide you through some of the biggest hurdles of prostate diseases, written by someone who has spent tens of thousands of dollars over 9 years of researching and trying everything out there. Making change is the first step toward your renewed health. 

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