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Prostate Cancer Biopsy Procedure Not Worth The Risk?

The prostate cancer biopsy procedure is a test done after prostate cancer screening with the controversial PSA test.

Most men will get a prostate problem… and it is happening to men earlier and earlier than ever before.

And that's a big problem because prostate problems will affect your life in a big way - either with major symptoms that limit your lifestyle - like problems peeing or sexual dysfunction - or with what happens if you get a diagnosis of the big one - Prostate Cancer.

You just have to get informed about your prostate so you know what to do if this happens so you are not at the mercy of what your doctor says or your urologist. Why? because the side effects of conventional prostate testing and treatments can have dire consequences for you.

You see, if you have any possibility of cancer from the PSA test, they will then test you with a prostate cancer biopsy. Also known as a prostate needle biopsy, the test itself can easily make things worse. But the doctor is protected from lawsuits because he did the approved test.

If cancer is found from the prostate cancer biopsy, then he will opt for treatments like surgery to protect himself when in almost all cases it is best to do nothing!

Yes nothing even though you have prostate cancer. More and more studies show that doing prostate cancer treatments does not increase your life expectancy and can have severe side effects like having to wear diapers or no more sex.

And in some cases the procedure itself can cause the cancer to spread--- and that can then be life threatening!

Why, because the vast majority of prostate cancers are slow growing. They are contained within the prostatic capsule. Most men will die of something else and not their prostate cancer!

Of course I do recommend you do something instead of prostate screening via a prostate biopsy (by the way, some men refer to it as a prostrate biopsy, which is an incorrect spelling of prostate)... 

Change the conditions that created the prostate cancer in the first case. Make changes to your diet as I advocate in my books. Stop the causes of prostate cancer.

Prostate Health Diet ebook

Transrectal Ultrasound and
Prostate Cancer Biopsy Procedure 
Best To Avoid

Here are some recent articles about the PSA test. It is just the start of what the doctors will do. The next step is the prostate cancer biopsy which then leads to surgery and chemo. That is why the PSA test is such an outdated test.

Just use the PSA test results to motivate you to make the needed changes to your diet but go no further with a biopsy. That is my opinion and it seems to be borne out by these stories:

US panel recommends against PSA tests for screening prostate cancer in men...
(CBS News) "Should adult men get a PSA blood test to screen for prostate cancer? In its final recommendation on the subject, the US Preventive Services Task Force has reviewed the evidence and says no, the small benefit from the blood test does not" ...

It goes on to say:

"Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical and scientific officer at the American Cancer Society, said over-diagnosis of prostate cancer is what makes screening appear life-saving when it actually isn't. Most of these men may never have a tumor progress to become deadly, but since they were screened and treated, they think screening saves lives, he said.

"Many people have a blind faith in early detection of cancer and subsequent aggressive medical intervention whenever cancer is found," wrote Dr. Brawley. "There is little appreciation of the harms that screening and medical interventions can cause."

Men Should Skip Common Prostate Test, Panel Says

Wall Street Journal
"Men shouldn't be screened for prostate cancer with a common blood test, a widely followed federal advisory panel recommended on Monday. But the report isn't likely to quell a dispute about whether the test's risks outweigh" ...

New Data Emerges on Harms of Prostate Cancer Screening
New York Times (blog)
"In a controversial finding that will affect at least 44 million American men, a government task force published its final recommendations against regular prostate cancer screening, concluding that the harms of the simple blood test far outweigh any" ...


You need to get informed so you can make wise decisions. I will also show you what to do to stop and reverse your condition and better yet how to prevent them in the first case from arising.

That is why my book is so informative. It gives you the info you need.

What Exactly Is The Prostrate Biopsy Procedure?

Basically, your doctor will take a whole series of biopsy needle probes directly into the prostate gland. They will do this tissue sampling in many multiple locations for examination for cancer in the lab.

The probe is inserted into the rectum. The needle has to go through the thin rectal wall into the prostate

A transrectal ultrasound is also used to make a picture of the prostate to help guide the needle sampling.

The needle removes tissue from your prostate. Each sample is about a half inch or one centimeter long and the width of a toothpick. Usually at least a dozen to as many as 24 samples are collected.

Here are some risks and side effects of a prostate cancer biopsy:

  • infection is possible because of bacteria in the rectum that the needle passes through
  • blood in the urine that can cause clots requiring a catheter
  • bleeding from the rectum
  • swelling of the prostate
  • inconclusive tests requiring another prostate biopsy procedure
  • and the biggest risk of all: if they find cancer, the most likely next step will be surgery with all those risks

And surgery does not increase your life expectancy in most cases, but has many side effects. So why do the biopsy in the first place?

Better to make changes now to stop the causes of prostate cancer and get a healthy prostate.

Repeat Prostate Biopsies Increase Infection Risk

Watch out for prostate biopsy dangers, Consumer Reports says
The test poses some risks—and often isn't necessary

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