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Metastatic Prostate Cancer Symptoms: Time for a Choice

Metastatic prostate cancer symptoms mean that the cancer has spread beyond the prostatic capsule. Normally the prostate will contain cancer for years and decades, such that most men will die of something else other than prostate cancer. 

That is why NOT doing a biopsy as we have discussed elsewhere is so important. Why? 

Because a needle biopsy test can easily cause the cancer to spread beyond the protective barrier of the prostate capsule itself. 

For doctors, this is not an issue because the biopsy cannot be faulted because, in their minds, that is the only way to confirm the cancer. And doing the test will not open them to lawsuits! 

Even if that causes the cancer to spread! 

So if you suspect prostate cancer by your symptoms, do not rush into a biopsy to "know". The test is a menace in my opinion because of the danger of creating metastatic prostate cancer symptoms (spreading the cancer outside the prostate). 

Doctors only know what they have been trained to do. They know nothing about the causes and even less about how to reverse cancer, especially using alternative methods for cancer curing, like diet changes, cleansing and natural treatments. They can get barred even for suggesting these things! 

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What you must do:

  1. If you suspect that you have prostate cancer, or are experiencing metastatic prostate cancer symptoms, or are actually getting such news, the first thing to do is to take a deep breath and slow your heart rate down to get calm. Now is the time to assess where you are and to look at the decisions ahead of you. I will show you that in a moment.

  2. Relax even more. Meditate if you will but realize this:
    Cancer is Not a Disease, but a healthy sign that your body is doing something to protect you by containing the cancer cells in an area so that it does not spread fast into the vital organs and body systems, even in this more extreme case.

    Andreas Moritz wrote a great book on this, Cancer Is Not A Disease - It's A Survival Mechanism, and it is worth reading. Here's an article about it. He explained the root causes and how to eliminate them for good.

    Nobody can deny that the occurrences of cancer are happening to more and more people. It seems every time we run into someone and get the latest news, there is a story of someone with cancer. Moritz pointed out that with the exception of the past 40–50 years in industrialized countries, cancer has been extremely rare. What has so drastically changed?

    We keep hearing stories that damaged or faulty genes are to blame. Moritz denies that these genes are killing anyone. It’s not cancer that kills the person, it’s not the tumor that kills the person. . . what kills are the multitude of reasons that cause cell mutation and tumor growth in the first place. These are the root causes.

    Yet, most oncologists usually ignore the causes and get right to the riddance of cancer. From the time a person is diagnosed with cancer through all the appointments, the sharing of the news with friends and family, the process of becoming accustomed to the diagnosis, there is one question that every person wants to ask about how he or she got the cancer.

    Everybody becomes so caught up in how to get rid of the cancer, the question is lost. It’s not even something doctors want people to know. If the medical system empowered people with this knowledge and people started taking care of their own health in a preventative fashion, the medical industry would lose money.

    It’s not profitable to tell people they can deal with the root causes on their own! That’s called 'health care'. What doctors are doing is ‘sickness care'.

    Moritz went onto explain that the practice of treating cancer by destroying the detectable cancer cells has very little to do with 'curing’ cancer at all. In fact, the cut-burn-poison techniques of standard cancer treatment are capable of poisoning and destroying more than cancer cells.

    These 'cures’ also destroy some healthy cells of your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, your liver, your gastrointestinal tract, your bone marrow, etc. This is irreparable damage! It often leads to cancers later on. This is not a true cure, according to Moritz.

    Moritz asked a very intelligent question: why does the human immune system collaborate with cancer cells to grow large tumors and make more cancer cells?

    The answer he came up with is this: cancer is not a disease, it’s a survival mechanism.

    It’s the way the body protects itself from the caustic waste of our bodies’ metabolic processes and the deadly carcinogenic substances that we introduce into our bodies. The cancer keeps this matter away from our expansive lymph and blood systems (and therefore, the major organs), and isolates them in cancerous growths that in and of themselves aren’t that life threatening, such as in the prostate.

    In fact, Moritz stated that by killing off cancer cells, doctors are actually jeopardizing the body further. The best thing to do is to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and waste products through cleansing. Depending on what those toxins are, this should be done with professional assistance, so as to not overload our bodies’ natural filtration organs. Toxins like mercury need extra care. He wrote much about this in in his book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Bodies that have been detoxed have no need for cancer.

    Moritz claimed that in its final and most desperate attempt at survival, the body produces cancer. It’s the last option at its disposal. When all other attempts at self-preservation have not worked, only then does cancer take control of the body.

    For most people, this is a truly wild concept. It goes so strongly against what the medical professionals would have us believe, which only goes to show how effective their message has been in shaping the collective belief system.

    Lastly, Moritz wrote that blocking the body’s attempt to heal itself — by allowing some of its cells to replicate in abnormal ways — can further destroy the body. Now here’s the clincher! If the body is supported in its healing efforts, then it can be saved!

  3. If you follow your doctor's advice on what to do about your metastatic prostate cancer symptoms, you will go down a route that will try to poison you with chemotherapy drugs, combined with radiation treatments and medications to kill your cancer cells. And most likely they will do a radical prostectomy where they remove the prostate gland under surgery.

The most likely result is that it will kill you eventually! And without a prostate, you will have many lifestyle issues like urinary leakage and no erections and possibly bowel pain. 

How do I know? The stats are not good. I saw first hand how my son-in-law's stepfather died with his metastatic prostate cancer symptoms. He was a hearty brave soul who followed the well-meaning advice of his doctors and did all the above standard cancer treatments. Sometimes it kept the symptoms at bay for a short while. Other times, he just continued his slow slide, and eventually died. 

He never did go the alternate route. He was too set in his ways and trusted the doctors to know best. His spirit kept him alive for about two very painful years as the cancer spread wider and wider. 

There has to be another way. There has to be a better understanding of what is happening. 

We have allowed prostate cancer to find a home in our bodies by the choices we have made daily over a lifetime, by being unaware of the consequences and not giving our daily health the priority it needs to be vital until old age. 

So here you are. What makes sense? 

Go that medical route or recognize the causes? Change the conditions, cleanse your body, make your health first and foremost with the help of your loved ones and heal yourself! 

And by the way, did you know that there is no evidence to support that conventional medical treatments for metastatic prostate cancer symptoms will actually increase your life expectancy. So why go that route at all?

Specific Metastatic Prostate Cancer Symptoms

These are general prostate cancer symptoms: 

  • needing to urinate frequently, especially at night
  • difficulty starting urination or holding back urine
  • inability to urinate
  • weak or interrupted flow
  • straining when urinating, and retention of urine in the bladder
  • painful or burning urination
  • difficulty having an erection
  • painful ejaculation
  • blood in the urine or semen

The first four prostate symptoms are also seen in cases of prostate enlargement, in which there is no cancer. The other symptoms may also be caused by infections or prostatitis. It is not easy to diagnose prostate cancer from symptoms alone. In some prostate cancer cases, few if any symptoms are present. It may be discovered or suspected from other tests like a DRE

Metastatic prostate cancer symptoms — this is cancer that has spread, or metastasized, to the lymph nodes and other parts of the body, like the bladder, rectum, or even distant organs. 

Metastatic prostate cancer symptoms can include bone pain around the hips, upper thighs and lower back, weight loss, or swelling in the legs and feet. 

Prostate cancer bone metastasis is the name given to prostate cancers that have spread to the adjacent bones. 

It will take diligent effort on your part to beat metastatic prostate cancer symptoms, but they can be beaten. Please read how in my book Healthy Prostate

Here is a book written by a doctor cancer specialist who had a severe case of metastatic prostate cancer with only days to live. You can learn how he healed himself when he thought it was the end. The only difference I would make would be to refine his diet the way I describe in my book according to your unique body needs... but his story is inspiring:

Metastatic prostate cancer symptoms can be reversed. It is possible, it can be done and, inside you, you know you have the courage to regain your life. You have all to gain by immediately making the changes I advocate: 

  • stop the culprit inputs
  • upgrade your diet to the highest level you can
  • cleanse and detox your body
  • get your sunshine or Vitamin D levels up
  • take special herbs and supplements for your prostate
  • personally test all your inputs for bio-compatibility with you and your body regularly. 

These are the foundations for a healthy prostate. 

Transform your metastatic prostate cancer symptoms! 

You can learn all the details how in my book Healthy Prostate: The Extensive Guide to Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems

Go to Prostate Cancer Signs and Symptoms 

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