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What Is The Prostate Gland?

The male prostate gland is a small gland the size of a walnut in the pelvic area. Only men have it. Healthy male hormones, like testosterone, ensure its proper functioning. 

It sits behind the pubic bone, just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. It surrounds the upper part of the urethra which is the urine tube that runs from the bladder down and out through the penis. 

A man's urethra has dual functions: it carries urine from the bladder during urination and semen during ejaculation. 

Any swelling of the prostate gland will very quickly affect your urination and sexual function because it can squeeze the urethra partially or completely shut.

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For many years I thought the prostate was actually called the prostrate, with an "r"! Sadly there is some truth to that mistake in that some prostate symptoms can leave you feeling prostrate!

Diagram of Prostate Gland

Prostate Gland Functions 

The main function of the prostate gland is to store and produce seminal fluid. It is an essential part of the reproductive system and contains both nerves and muscles. 

The prostate gland triggers erections, makes you ejaculate, and determines your urine flow. It basically controls your penis and is actually a sex organ! That is why prostate massage can be so pleasurable. 

During ejaculation it acts like a muscle doing the pumping action that drives the semen out with pressure. 

The sperm from the testicles (your "balls") travels up and through the seminal vesicles gathering more fluids there and then enters through the prostate and into the urethra for the final push through and out the penis. 

And women think men have simple "plumbing"! 

The prostate produces about one third to two thirds of the seminal fluid and protects the semen so the sperm has more chance of success in reproduction. It is slightly alkaline and helps neutralize the acidic vaginal environment so the sperm can survive longer. 

The prostate also helps to regulate the bladder from leaking urine. That is why it surrounds the upper part of the urethra near the bladder, known as the prostate urethra. 

If you want to be amazed at all the prostate functions then click on the next link... 

Learn more: Go to 10 Amazing Functions of the Prostate

male reproductive system

Prostate Diseases Affecting the Prostate

  • Enlarged Prostate often called BPH for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or sometimes Benign Prostate Hypertrophy. (It is the same thing = pressure on urine tube with many prostate symptoms and prostate problems). 

    An Enlarged Prostate or BPH is the problem most western men get after age 50... It is a non cancerous growth of the prostate.

Enlarged Prostate BPH Diagram
  • Prostatitis, an infected prostrate, often the result of a bacterial infection 
  • Prostate Cancer, a cancer that affects the prostate gland and is now the most common form of cancer in western and American men.

When everything works, a healthy man has long strong and infrequent urinations. When enlarged, the prostate makes peeing difficult and creates a host of problems from mild discomfort to complete shut down and the inability to pee.

That is no fun! A form of torture that I read about as a kid was when they would force feed water down your throat so you would have to swallow. Maybe a gallon or more. They would tie your penis so you could not eliminate anything. Death was slow and agonizing to say the least. It would take maybe 36 hours.

Isn't life funny sometimes! Here I am writing about this and I have experienced many times complete shut down. Awful pain but with the use of a catheter I was able to release the urine at last!

And then I went on to find prostate cures and treatments. And that is why this site and my book Healthy Prostate.


You can learn what it has taken me over 8 years to discover and over 30 years experience as a consumer of and businessman in the natural foods/healing world...never mind the tens of thousands of dollars I have spent trying out all kinds of things, reading and learning what I now share with you via this site and in my book.

To know more about the state of your prostate, the first step is to get a digital rectal examination by your doctor or health practitioner. The link below will tell you more about that and what to do with the information you get.

Go to 10 Amazing Functions of the Prostate Gland

Go to Digital Rectal Exam 

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