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by Vern Owen
(Utah, USA)

I was diagnosed with prostatitis and put on medication for 30 days. While waiting at the desk for another appt. the male Doctor told me I would need to ejaculate more often to help protect my prostate. My female urologist did not say a thing, and my wife said "your on your own". Is this your need to ejaculate more for real? If this is true it gets boring masturbating by myself. Confused😔


Ron here,

In general regular sex and ejaculation is good for the prostate but not too often or infrequent. So if you are say in your 50s then perhaps 2 or 3 times per week.

Perhaps you can get some new techniques so your wife can enjoy those times too.

If you have a serious prostate problem then this is the clinic that is the best in the world:

Comments for Prostatitis

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Apr 14, 2016
Response to Vern Owen's "Prostatitis"
by: ClaudeA

Just to add my $0.02. My Naturopath Physician "Prescribed" that I ejaculate 2X each week. I'd love to! But, as a widower and with a lady friend who is more focused on her bring grandma and her own issues, I'm left with the dilemma of "How?"

There are a few video clips of loving folk enjoying good sex, and that helps a little, but, a warm lady enjoying this activity with me sure is best!

I did join a group of people who share their help in many ways, but still, there just is no substitute for the real world of two lovers sharing their desires.

In my case, there was a total block to urine flow and the ER I went to placed a permanent catheter. I then found a Naturopath doctor not far away with high accolades for his focus on returning patients' bodies to normal health with proper natural nutrients.

Since I already practice a natural diet, all he could suggest was alternating hot-cold treatment of my pelvic region, enemas(Which I declined due to the use of fluoride in the water, and a tincture of plant roots which curb the formation of pathogenic organisms due to the irritation the catheter causes. He since prescribed kelp or one daily drop of Lugol's iodine solution to provide even stronger anti bacterial function.

I use one kelp tablet daily, as the kelp also provides 80+ other vital health nutrients.

Still, ejaculation is a main reliever of prostate swelling. Masturbating with the catheter in my penis is painful, but the orgasm overrides the discomfort.

There are some very wise sex guides who often share lots of free ideas for people to share better sexual experiences. I especially enjoy a few ladies who give counsel to both men and women. Debra Smouse is one with a wide range of focus for ladies to feel vital and in love with their man. Jordan Gray is a young man with excellent words and experiences in his life-long quest to discover the ways people share best relationship as lovers and friends.

Amazon has many excellent books and fun things for lovers to share their original spark the rest of their life.

In my search for health it became clear that we are designed for one function, sex. Study of what natural intercourse entails, it was very clear that anything that is natural nutrition available for our diet is used by the body to heal disease, maintain health, and provide healthy reproductive organs, including our prostate.

Ron gives a great overview of ten of the prostate functions. Cr. Jonathan V Wright provides excellent information about natural nutrition. Dr. Joel Wallach's experiences with his autopsies of thousands of cadavers to determine the cause of the deaths uncovered the universal cause that our soils the foods we eat are grown in lack the nutrients necessary for our body to heal itself and maintain health.

Dr. Wallach's "Dead Doctors Don't Lie," on YouTube(Look for the 1-1/2hour+ full presentation) details why modern Big Pharma medicine is toxic to health. Ron't great site, here, provides heaps of key prostate health information. Dr. Wright has numerous articles online(Search on his name) and he maintains a local clinic here in the Puget Sound, near Seattle.

In my case, with largely a fruit diet now since discovery on November 19 2015 of my prostate sphincter contracting to the irritation of urine flow, blocking all flow(Today is April 14 2016), my urine is starting to flow around the catheter, a good sign of the swelling going down. Also, when I do ejaculate, the semen flows past the catheter, adding a level of pleasure to the orgasm. I guess all things even out, eventually!

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