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Prostate Cancer Metastasis – What Are the Options?

Prostate cancer metastasis occurs when the cancer has spread beyond the prostate, and in such circumstances it is essential to understand the possible causes and what the options are.

What is Prostate Cancer Metastasis?

Metastasis occurs when cells break away from the tumor in the prostate and travel through the lymphatic system or bloodstream to other regions of the body. Prostate metastasis most commonly occurs nearby:

  • prostate erection nerves
  • lymph nodes
  • hip bones
  • and in very severe cases can spread to other vital organs

It can be very life threatening as the cancer spreads beyond the prostate capsule. Far better to keep it inside the prostate!

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Medical Causes of Prostate Cancer Metastasis

The cause of metastasis in many cases of prostate cancer can be traced to unnecessary treatments issued by doctors upon detection of prostate cancer.

Most often prostate cancer is contained in the prostate and the best solution is not to undertake biopsies that have real risks of spreading the cancer.

Please read more about the prostate biopsy procedure here.

There has been much evidence presented that the risks in an initial PSA blood test, which screens for prostate cancer, far outweigh the small benefits and a positive test leads to expected harm such as prostate cancer metastasis (

Treatments such as a needle biopsy test can aggravate the cancer and cause it to spread, becoming the initiation of prostate cancer metastasis.

And even if the cancer is contained in the prostate, doctors will push patients towards prostate cancer surgery and chemo because of the prostate biopsy results of any cancer detected.

Studies have suggested that the number of deaths avoided by screening are “very small” in comparison to the risks that can cause a variety of problems from infections to erectile dysfunction to prostate cancer metastasis and even death (

So What Are the Options?

If you suspect you may be affected by prostate cancer or you are experiencing any of the symptoms linked with it there are several options available to you.

By the way, if you opted for the recommended prostate surgery removing your prostate gland, there is no guarantee that the cancer will not spread. Metastasis can happen even after removing the gland.

Nothing has changed the causes of the cancer, and a few missed cancer cells can start to multiply and metastasize.

The two main options offered by medical professionals are endocrine therapy and chemotherapy after the surgery.

Both come with a variety of nasty and painful side effects. In fact, these treatments do not actually kill the cancer or cure the cancer, instead only containing it and therefore requiring the patient to attend treatments for the rest of their life (assuming the treatment works).

The best advice offered from the medical world at present regarding prostate cancer is “It is not possible to cure advanced prostate cancer, but you will be offered hormone therapy, which can keep your cancer under control.” according to

Surely there must be a better way?

By following a strict diet change as detailed in my book – The Prostate Health Diet: What to Eat to Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems, and maintaining a conscientious effort to improve your lifestyle you can treat prostate cancer without suffering through the pain and side effects caused by conventional treatments. In fact, if you are committed you can beat it and that is more than what the medical world offers.

Studies have revealed that conventional medical treatments actually have little or no impact on life expectancy, so why do people do it? By learning to understand your prostate, you can discover how to treat it naturally and maintain your health. Learn more in my book – Healthy Prostate: The Extensive Guide to Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems.

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