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Signs of Low Testosterone:
What To Look For

Signs of low testosterone play a crucial role in the determination of health and sexual well-being of men.

Research has shown that the lack of testosterone can have detrimental effects on a man’s body. Men suffering from low testosterone side effects should immediately seek treatment.

A decrease in the levels of testosterone can be attributed to aging and goes hand in hand with it. It has been proposed that as a man reaches the age of 30, every year thereafter causes the testosterone levels to diminish by about 1 percent.

Low testosterone levels have been linked with a decline in sex drive and libido. Therefore decreased sex drive and problems such as erectile dysfunction are probable signs of low testosterone levels. Let us look at the possible signs of low testosterone.

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Signs of Low Testosterone

Did you know that men suffer from low testosterone because of many reasons? Just like estrogen in females, testosterone can determine a man’s mood to a large extent and a low testosterone level can affect the mental and emotional health of a man negatively.
If you are obese, have diabetes, a chronic medical condition or hormonal disorder, you might be affected with low testosterone. Normally, people with low testosterone levels witness a change in sleeping pattern as well as changes in the physical body (that can include more fat or less muscles). While it is true that there is general decline of testosterone levels as one ages, it cannot really be a reason for your sudden drop in sex drive.
Keep a check on yourself if you find yourself going into depression or if you feel some heart problems. In a study by the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System and the University of Washington in Seattle, it was found that men who had low testosterone levels were four times more likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression.
Congestive heart failures have been reported as being an important sign of low testosterone levels as well. Tumors may also cause low testosterone levels. If you have a tumor in the pituitary gland, and there is a loss of peripheral vision, you might just blame it all on your testosterone.
However, one of the most important signs that can be associated with low testosterone levels and one of the most important causes is a sudden fall in your sexual desire or sex drive. If you are suffering from sexual dysfunction, that’s an immediate warning sign as well. In fact, if you are suffering from infertility, that’s a sure way to know that something is wrong with testosterone levels.

Causes of Low Testosterone and How It Is Diagnosed

Most doctors use a blood test to determine the testosterone level. Blood tests along with a look at the medical history of the patient form one of the most important ways by which doctors know if low testosterone levels are the cause of your problems. An interesting fact to note is that the problems like sleep disorders or heart failure can happen due to a myriad number of reasons and so doctors will really love to diagnose everything including blood tests before actually zeroing in on the cause.
If your range is below 300 ng/dL (the normal range is 300 ng/dL to 1000 ng/dL), there is a reason to worry about low testosterone effects. Most doctors advise you to do a blood test in the morning as testosterone levels are the highest then. Doctors also predict the cause by performing a physical examination, which might include:
• Checking the size of scrotum and penis
• Examining the amount of body hair
• Examining any visible lumps in scrotum or penis
• Inquiring about any erectile dysfunction
• Inquiring about your sex drive and any past illnesses


Your doctor might carry out a MRI or CT scan if he believes it is a pituitary tumor that’s been causing the problems. He might even advise you to undergo some hormone tests. Remember, signs of low testosterone levels can have serious consequences on a man’s health and sexual well-being. Therefore, it is of great importance that individuals seek professional medical assistance if they experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.
Timely diagnosis and treatment will ensure that they are able to go back to their old self and are able to enjoy life and sex just like the old times.


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