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Stage 4 Prostate Cancer - Treatment options from a Natural Health Perspective

Overview of Stage 4 prostate cancer
The medical profession likes to classify prostate cancer in varying degrees of severity from Stage 1 (mild) to Stage 4 (most severe). Stage 4 prostate cancer is classified as the stage where the cancer has progressed and spread to other tissues outside the prostate, leading to metastatic cancer.

It can take many years for the cancer to reach this stage and early signs of prostate cancer would have been visible long beforehand, signaling a change in lifestyle and a healthier diet was in order. However, if you believe you may have stage 4/metastatic cancer it is important to know what options are available and what to do.

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Symptoms of Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

It is probable that you would have already experienced the general symptoms of prostate cancer before it has developed to stage 4. These symptoms include:

  • Needing to pee more often, especially at night
  • Difficulty starting urination
  • Dribbling urine
  • A weak urine flow
  • Taking longer to finish urinating
  • Pain when urinating/ejaculating
  • Blood in your urine/semen
  • Problems getting/maintaining an erection

Of course remember to bear in mind that these symptoms could be related to a number of other health issues and could simply be your body telling you to improve your health. If the prostate cancer has spread, become more severe and moved to a stage 4 then you might also experience the following symptoms:

  • Bone pain, especially around the hips, thighs and lower back
  • Swelling of the feet and legs
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue

Read what the government says about prostate cancer here.

Treatment Options

If you are displaying the symptoms above it is important not to panic and to carefully think about the options available to you. Discovering your prostate cancer is at Stage 4 or is metastatic cancer can be difficult to deal with but it is essential to carefully think about the next step you take.

Many men will rush to the doctor, who in turn will suggest undertaking surgery or chemotherapy or both, which brings new dangers.

Surgery itself can cause prostate cancer metastasis, which is a further spreading of the cancer outside the prostate.

Chemotherapy is capable of causing Stage 4 prostate cancer to spread even further and to aggravate the cancer. Recent studies have concluded that toxic drugs, such as the ones used in chemotherapy, suppress tumor growth on one cell population while initiating growth in another. This can leave you requiring treatment for the rest of your life and can be a painful route to take both emotionally and physically.

Gaining an understanding of how and why you contracted prostate cancer in the first place could offer a more natural solution. Please read more here:

Causes of Prostate Cancer

Commit to making real changes in your life starting with a healthier diet. Overhaul your current eating habits by undertaking immediate raw vegetable juice cleanses and sit down to work out a diet plan that can stop the causes of the prostate cancer and allow your body to heal itself.

It is not possible to explain in detail all you need to learn on this web page. I urge you to read more on this site and then to go much more in-depth by reading my book Healthy Prostate

It has also been shown in studies that by using alternative therapies you are treating the cause of the cancer rather than aggravating it with radiation treatments and medications. Seek special herbs and supplements that are known to work in harmony with your prostate, improve your vitamin D levels by spending more time in the sun and keep track of all your inputs to ensure they are compatible with your body and are not adding to the toxic load. Cut way back on all forms of sugar consumption especially artificial ones and fructose sweeteners.

It is a difficult journey but by re-building the foundations for a healthy prostate it is possible to reverse the symptoms of prostate cancer, even when it has reached Stage 4 or metastatic cancer severity. Details of how to improve your diet and what steps to undertake can be found in my book: Healthy Prostate: The Extensive Guide to Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems.

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Written by Ronald M Bazar,

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~the author of this website.

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