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Prostate Gland Health:
From Conception to Deception

It is no mystery to me why prostate gland health is such a huge issue and why people, men and women, have so many health problems. From conception to deception, we adopt health-limiting practices.

In the wisest of ancient days, prior to conception, one cleansed the body fully by fasting, sweating and purifying before making babies. The quality of the sperm and egg had to be the best. This was not common practice, but the wise ones knew how important it was for future generations.

Then when the woman was pregnant she was encouraged, as much as possible, to be calm and peaceful while being active and fit.

No medications, no junk food, no artificial sugars, no manufactured non-foods, no chemical foods, no toxic bodycare products… and the list goes on and on.

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Food for Good Prostate Health

Amazingly, the choices our mothers made in how to birth and how to feed us as infants, later affect our health as children and adults. Mother's milk is the best food for creating the conditions for good prostate gland health later on and health in general! The importance of breastfeeding has bypassed many in the last several generations.

In the past, natural birthing was the norm and it took place without the interventions we have today. Today, c-sections are the norm, so Mum and Doctor can schedule to ensure they don't miss the latest fav TV show or scheduled doctor holiday! The baby then misses out on the important stimulation provided by coming down the birth canal and the stimulation that helps Mum produce milk.

For many children in the baby boomer generation, breast feeding was bypassed. Instead of nature's perfect food for babies, we were fed formula or milk from cows with a completely different fat-to-protein profile than breast milk. 

We were born for Mum's milk — not cow's and not chemical concoctions filled with sugars! We already know that chemicals and sugars are the poorest of choices for prostate health. Why start this young on a journey of addiction to sugar?

Pure, natural raw cow's or goat's milk is suitable for older kids after they've finished breastfeeding, but cow's milk that is adulterated from its naturally good content is not suitable for anyone. Milk today is pasteurized, which kills all the good enzymes that make milk fully digestible, and then it is homogenized. Cow’s milk simply has too much protein for a new baby to digest, which creates many problems. Read more here.

Furthermore cows in North American feedlots are fed grain instead of natural grasses; they are confined in small quarters and dosed with antibiotics and more. Overtime the cow’s body becomes toxic from alien inputs and creates a contaminated food source. Due to how we treat the cows, extra estrogen is produced in the milk. Increased estrogen in our food supply is one of the many reasons North American male estrogen levels are too high.

Estrogen weakens the male body, creating man breasts and inflamed prostates. Lo and behold, as we age we get BPH, or enlarged prostate. Hallelujah! Estrogen is a definite problem for prostate gland health. 

The importance of breastfeeding and being breastfed as infants — as breast milk is the ideal food for babies, not cow’s milk, which is meant for a calf — is a major factor in determining our early condition and disposition to disease.

Prostate Gland Health and You Now

So what does this mean to you today with where you are in your prostate gland health?

It means you now understand why you got here. The solution is to adopt a very healthy diet that stops the input of poor food choices and finally gives your body a chance to heal.

It means truly studying about food for good prostate health if you want the best health for the next stage of your life. No magic bullets. Just every day paying attention to your inputs and eating well.

I highly recommend my book The Prostate Health Diet.

We will discuss these options further on so you can really know what will work for you and your unique body. There is only one perfect diet for you --- the one that is optimum for you. And I will show you how to know that by personal testing, an invaluable skill to customize your prostate health diet and supplements for you.

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~MBA, Harvard University

~the author of this website.

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