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What Causes Prostate Problems and Prostate Diseases

Before getting into what causes prostate problems, which is why we're all here, let's look at disease in general. The two are obviously linked.

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization the United States has been ranked the 37th healthiest nation in the world? Doesn't this seem extremely low for a nation as advanced in science and technology as the USA? How has this discrepancy been created?

Too easily — through poor nutrition and lack of sufficient exercise. In general, Americans place their physical well being after their “personal, financial, social and ego-based gains.” But truly, if you don't have good health, then you don't have anything at all because how can you enjoy these gains if you're not well?

Let’s assume that we agree on putting health and fitness first. I will now move on to specifically provide a full understanding of preventing and healing the prostate diseases, and the causes of prostate problems.

To me it is no mystery why we have such sky-high rates of prostate conditions. We have, by design and negligence, allowed our food and environment to become so toxic that disease is the body’s healthy response to the onslaught!

Disease happens when the body tries to protect itself from further damage by concentrating toxins and pollutants and other excesses in a less vital organ or area of the body so that the body can still carry on.

The prostate, a deep-inside organ, is vulnerable to toxins just like the breast or uterus in women. The concentration of toxins in the prostate can result in any of the prostate diseases. Add to this the unhealthy habits of eating poor quality foods, little to no exercise and our sedentary lifestyles and you have a clear understanding of causes.

It is estimated that 6.5 million American men visit doctors for an enlarged prostate every year. In 2007, another 223,000 were diagnosed with prostate cancer in the USA. In the same year, 29,000 men died from prostate cancer. Most men will face a prostate crisis at some point in their lives, usually after age 50. 

Each man who asks the question, "What causes prostate problems" and goes to my book or this website for answers, will face a major choice: 

  • do you use your new insights to change your habits and remove the causes so your body can start to heal. 
  • Or... submit to the conventional medical stream with all its unfortunate side effects and consequences.
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Taking Responsibility
for What Causes Prostate Problems

Conventional medicine misses the boat entirely by not focusing on what causes of prostate problems and diseases:

It then adds insult to injury by prescribing medications, treatments and procedures that further weaken the body and create unnecessary serious side effects.

We’ve got it all backwards! And we have bought into it as par for the course. We even go so far as to view doctors as the health givers and health providers when in fact they are a cog in a wheel that promotes symptomatic solutions they call “cures”. Give me a break! Curing involves changing what causes prostate problems.

You can heal your prostate diseases! You don’t need ineffective conventional medicine. You need to change the causes and your body will heal itself as a natural course of events. That is the solution and the rationale for my book, Healthy Prostate.

Some of what is presented from here on in will challenge your viewpoints. Please have an open mind to the natural healing processes of the body to bring you back to better health. Like when you get a cut, and we do that all the time — lo and behold —repaired. 

Healing takes longer with a chronic condition, but the results are just as powerful. See if any of this prostate info makes sense to you. If it does then you will find a wealth of valuable info to help you heal your prostrate problems.

We create the causes by not realizing the price we pay for our bad habits, our inattention to health and not being responsible for our own life choices. Our bad choices are easy to get away with when we are younger, when we think we are invincible.

We create disease by eating junk foods, not getting enough sun and Vitamin D, using toxic bodycare products and household products, and by not understanding that the majority of food found today in supermarkets and fast food outlets is poisonous. You may not be able to feel that everyday foods are toxic because you are toxic already. 

Over time, the toxins work their way deeper into your organs.

Time is your enemy. Our bodies are battling the chemicals in food, the toxins in our diets and water, artificial additives and preservatives, super-manufactured and processed products, sugars and artificial sweeteners and horrible manufactured fats, the lack of vital nutrient-rich natural foods, toxic medicines and pills, artificial supplements and synthetic ingredients, hormones added into our foods, toxins in the meat of animals that are force-fed unnatural feed and receive huge doses of antibiotics to keep them alive, pasteurization of our dairy foods, poisoning of our water, and the accumulation of cancer-causing chemicals in our medicines, foods, cooking products and containers.

Hey, you'd be lucky to survive let alone thrive!

Causes of Low Testosterone

Did you know that the causes of low testosterone are similar to what causes prostate problems in men?

Disease is a result of poor diet, lack of exercise (a cause of low testosterone as well as too much estrogen in the diet) and health choices.

Add to that our intense stress levels, bombardment of electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi and cellular towers, the use of toxic inoculations that weaken our immune systems, the lack of exercise in our daily living to get the blood to move and the body able to eliminate its toxic loads — we have become so toxic that it is no wonder that as we age, we get sicker and sicker. And we still wonder, "What causes prostate problems?" or any disease for that matter.

Hey America, we're now at about “50” in world life expectancy and dropping fast! And yet we spend more and more on "disease care." Look at the old folks (over 75) around you and see that the majority are in a sad state of health, kept going by operations and prescription after prescription. But where is the vitality until very old age?

Look at our old age homes and nursing homes. We do not age well. Compare that to traditional cultures where the old worked until late in life and were strong and healthy. Look to the Hunzas and Okinawans to see wonderful examples of longevity and vitality today. Why shouldn’t we be like them?

For you, how important is your health? Do you want to have pee problems and have to wear diapers or have sex problems and say goodbye to sex possibly forever? Do you want to hear the real answers to what causes prostate problems?

If you think that doctors can save you, then the natural healing process is not for you. Most doctors do not fully understand what causes prostate problems and diseases at all. So, they advocate for their treatments, which have side effects—serious ones in many cases — and do not cure the problem. You may get some temporary relief, but you will find that soon enough health problems will be back! Whether found in the prostate again or in another part of your body.

Curing your prostate disease means going to the source, finding the real causes and changing them. So listen up and embrace change if you want a healthy life and a vital prostate. 

The good news is that most prostate conditions are reversible and can be cured once you understand the underlying causes or prostate problems.

Read up on What Causes Prostate Problems and Diseases Part II and Part III for more information on what the real possible causes are.

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