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Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer Based on a False Premise

Hormone treatment for prostate cancer is an example of the medical industry with blinders on! The premise is that testosterone is the cause of prostate cancer. 

This is so ridiculous. If that were the case then how could we have survived as a species? Testosterone is natural for men. And the ideal is to maintain healthy levels as we age. 

But doctors claim the opposite! And their hormone therapy for prostate cancer seeks to reduce testosterone levels as much as possible! 

Low testosterone levels (not high ones) combined with high estrogen levels are the real underlying conditions that cause prostate disease.

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Roger Mason in The Natural Prostate Cure says this about the recommended hormone treatment for prostate cancer:
Nearly every medical doctor in the world will tell you that testosterone is somehow “bad” for your prostate and makes prostate cancer grow. This is unquestionable Sacred Dogma - even though the fall in testosterone as men age almost exactly parallels the rise in prostate cancer, BPH, and prostatitis.

This insanity started more than eighty years ago, even before Huggins got the brilliant idea to castrate men to cure their prostate cancer! Eunuchs (castrates) had less developed sexual organs and smaller prostates, so this must have seemed like a good idea at the time. The victims seemed to get better temporarily, but the cancer soon returned with a vengeance, and they quickly died.

Anyone who thinks you cure cancer by cutting off a man’s testicles is obviously insane in the first place. This butchery has continued to the present day, and now doctors use both chemicals and scalpels to castrate men. There are seventy-four (74) published studies in this chapter to prove empirically that testosterone is prostate healthy. Every year more such studies are published, yet doctors still physically and chemically castrate men to reduce their levels to zero.

He goes on to say:

Again at Harvard Medical School, 8 doctors found that the cancer patients with the highest levels of testosterone fared the best and lived the longest. “A high prevalence of biopsy-detectable prostate cancer was identified in men with low total or free testosterone.” They said further, “A low serum testosterone level in men is associated with a number of medical conditions, most notably sexual dysfunction, and is commonly treated with exogenous (externally provided) testosterone supplementation.”

He cites many studies to confirm the erroneous conclusion that testosterone is the cause of prostate cancer and the fallacy that hormone treatment for prostate cancer to destroy the testosterone by drugs or castration is the best hormone treatment for prostate cancer. Surgical removal of the testicles is known as orchiectomy.

Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer... 

Let's look at this logically. Testosterone is what makes us men. Lowering it is one of the real main "causes" of prostate cancer. 

Of course, it is what triggers this loss of testosterone while at the same time increasing estrogen to dangerous levels that we must learn about. 

You may not even realize that we consume so many foods laced with chemicals that our bodies are fighting to survive. There are hormone disruptors in the typical mainstream western diet: pesticides, herbicides and fungicides of non-organic food; chemicals that are leached into food and water from plastic bottles and food can linings; and, all the way to the cleaners you use in your house and the non-stick surfaces in your pots and pans. 

These toxins in our food supply and environment are what we need to pay attention to. The result is a lowering of testosterone in men coupled with a drastic rise of estrogens resulting in cancers. 

The solution is to stop the onslaught of the toxins by modifying the diet and to cleanse in order to remove the toxins. Then, if needed, supplement with natural testosterone after first testing your hormones with a simple saliva test kit.. 

Avoid the prostate cancer hormone treatment that your doctor recommends and change your diet by stopping the harmful foods that decrease your testosterone levels and get healthy!

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