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Prostate Therapy Massage
for a Healthy Prostate

Prostate therapy massage is the name used for therapeutic prostate massage.

It was quite common until around 1960 for a doctor to provide prostate massage in the case of prostatitis. This technique would often provide the relief needed. With the advent of modern antibiotics, the practice was abandoned. Too bad, because in many cases the antibiotics do not work for the condition. Few doctors know about the success of the procedure today.

Today the practice of prostate massage therapy is making a comeback as men, especially heterosexual men, learn the benefits of prostate massage for overall prostate health and sexual fulfillment.

Prostate therapy massage expert?
or do-it-yourself?

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You may be able to find a prostate massage therapist in your area. This may be a good option for you if you do not want to learn how to do it yourself.

Because of the importance of prostate massage today you can find a therapist in most cities. Be sure to check that it is a non-sexual massage that you find. You want someone who is trained to do it properly and gently. Sexual prostate massage is a whole other endeavor.

But it is easy to learn and there are devices that make it safe and very effective. All you have to do is get over any hang-ups you have around the anus.

Anal stimulation is healthy. Just get clean, use lots of lube and read more about how to do it here. The anus is the gateway to your prostate if you want to do your own prostate massage therapy.

Massaging your prostate, often called prostate milking, is very beneficial for your prostate gland as the massage moves stagnant fluids out of the prostate. This can easily happen without an erection or ejaculation.

One can choose to add sexual stimulation and masturbation to the massage. Because the massage helps empty the prostate of fluids, the orgasm experienced under sexual prostate massage can be truly enjoyable and intense.

I find that the best to do it way is to use a prostate massager. These devices make the massage safe and easy. They are safe because of the safety tab that prevents entering too far and deep while at the same time providing an external prostate massage.

The image on the right shows you the perfect device to use for doing prostate massage yourself. Try it to see the wonderful health and pleasure benefits it provides.

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Prostate Massagers for a Healthy Prostate

• Sonic Pulsations

Prostate massagers are the safe, modern way to reap the benefits of what used to be done routinely by doctors and urologists to improve blood flow and circulation and to remove toxins from the prostate gland.

This prostate massage device uses sonic pulsations to do the same thing in a fraction of the time and is actually the superior way to do this health practice.

The Prostate Health Center makes these prostate massage devices. They are inexpensive, guaranteed and you can try them for 60 days risk free. See why so many men have benefited from them for their prostate condition.

2 Minute Massager at Sonic Speed!


• Pro-State Prostate Massage Device

This is by far the best prostate massager to use if you have more time to relax and enjoy the benefits and pleasure of a prostate massage. It is also ideal if you want to combine the prostate massage benefits with erotic sexual stimulation. The choice is yours in how you want to use it.

Pro-State Prostate Massage Device


Healthy Prostate:
The Extensive Guide To Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems Including Prostate Cancer, BPH Enlarged Prostate and Prostatitis

Written by Ronald M Bazar,
~BCom, McGill University
~MBA, Harvard University
~the author of this website.

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