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Prostate Massage Benefits For Optimum Prostate Health

Prostate massage benefits you and your prostate in two very significant ways: 

  • one, it increases blood flow to your prostate, and
  • two, it releases fluids and flushes toxins.

Perhaps most importantly, prostate massage benefits your prostate by increasing blood circulation to that area. This is a key benefit of massage in general.

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Blood Flow: 

By sitting all day, as most men now do, we restrict the flow of blood to the prostate and this is one of the causes of our prostate troubles, especially when combined with all the other factors discussed in my book, Healthy Prostate, and on

Prostate massage helps nourish the prostate gland by increasing circulation to the area, bringing fresh oxygenated blood flow, thus benefiting many prostate conditions. 

You can ask your health practitioner for advice on whether prostate massage can be beneficial for you. There have been instances where vigorous massage has caused more harm than good. That's why careful and gentle prostate massage techniques are essential. For prostatitis conditions it is not recommended... See "Risks" on this page.

Prostate Gland Flushing: 

Other benefits come from the flushing of fluids and toxins from the prostate with massage. 

Did you know that one of the most important functions of the prostate is to remove toxins from your sperm? But if you can't remove those same toxins from your prostate gland then they accumulate and can begin to create prostate disease. Yes, your lifestyle choices have something to do with waking up multiple times every night to pee! 

These days, we ingest and absorb more and more toxins than ever before. Toxins are in our food, water and bodycare products. Don't let them take up residence in your precious prostate — flush them out! 

Doctors and urologists know the benefits of prostate massage. They used to do this for their patients to remove prostate fluids during a digital rectal exam because of the health benefits. Enlarged prostates were often treated with prostate massage. Fluids are released in this way without an erection. 

This is also called prostate drainage or prostate milking and is quite healthy for the prostate. It releases stagnant fluids and increases blood flow to the prostate refreshing and invigorating the gland. The process can soften the gland and release tension. It was a standard procedure until about 40 years ago, and then the practice ebbed away, while the benefits are still acknowledged among doctors.

How To Massage the Prostate

There are three major ways to do a prostate massage: 

  1. An external prostate massage 
  2. An internal prostate massage
  3. Via prostate exercise or male kegel exercise.

We will discuss each of these techniques in much greater detail and give you valuable tips to make them safe and easy to do on this site. 

Prostate Massage Benefits

A simple way to do a prostate massage without touching the prostate directly is by doing prostate massage exercises. Prostate exercises are simple to do and they directly strengthen the muscle inside the prostate.

Remember that the prostate is bot a gland that secretes prostate fluid and a muscle that creates the pleasurable sensation as it pumps ejaculate through your prostate during sex.

It is simple to do prostate massage exercises also known as male kegel exercise. You can do this any time anywhere while standing or sitting. Just squeeze your kegel muscle (your stop pee muscle) and it will massage your prostate at the same time.

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