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Cryosurgery For Prostate Cancer: 
Freezing Therapy With Major Side Effect Risks

Cryosurgery for prostate cancer is a radical treatment. 

Unfortunately, it has real risks — from unpleasant to life-changing side effects — that you must take into consideration before undergoing this treatment. 

Also known as cryotherapy for prostate cancer, or prostate cancer cryosurgery, the procedure consists of inserting a gas that causes freezing of the cancer cells inside the prostate. 

Usually it is done in the early stages of prostate cancer where the cancer has not spread outside the prostatic capsule. The liquid nitrogen or argon gas supposedly will destroy cancerous cells, but at a price and with no guarantee that you won't need further treatments later on.

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Risks and Symptoms of Cryosurgery for Prostate Cancer 

Cryotherapy for prostate cancer is perhaps a better description than "cryosurgery" because no surgery is involved. But it does have serious risks of major side effects. 

These include many of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate or further stage 3 or stage 4 prostate cancers! 

Side effects of cryotherapy for prostate cancer may include: 

  • sexual problems like impotence
  • pain and swelling in the scrotum and penis
  • frequent urination
  • difficulty urinating or painful urination
  • blood in the urine
  • urinary incontinence and thus the need to wear adult diapers
  • possible damage to the rectum and nearby tissues

Many of these problems persist and do not go away with time. 


Because even though the procedure is not actual surgery, you will have major probes inside your rectum and up your penis with a catheter while the gas is inserted inside your prostate.

Should You Have Cryosurgery for Prostate Cancer?

Only you can decide whether or not the risks are worth it. Remember there is no guarantee that the cancer will be completely eliminated by the cryotherapy, and you may have to live with some of the above consequences. Even the Mayo clinic says that they can persist in most men. 

So what is the alternative? 

Treat your cancer with far less invasive and non-traditional methods. Remember there is no proven benefit from any prostate cancer treatments in terms of life expectancy. So why in the world would you do this when there is another very valid choice. 

Heal yourself naturally and get rid of the conditions that created the cancer in the first place. 

To me, this is so obvious an observation. Cancer forms as a result of inputs. Change them and the cancer will slowly go away. Expose yourself to these views if they are new to you and, if you are skeptical, then do read more in my book, Healthy Prostate and on this site for a lot more information on what causes prostate cancer and what to do about it without the awful side effects mentioned above. 

You have so much to gain and so little to lose with this approach. 

Yes, it will require changes to your lifestyle, but these will be beneficial ones to your overall health and not dire ones like the side effects from cryosurgery for prostate cancer.

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