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Testosterone Definition:
What It Means And
Why It Is Important

The testosterone definition plays a very critical role when determining the health and sexual well-being of men. Research has shown that testosterone or the lack of it can have detrimental effects on a man’s body. It is important to know what testosterone is and how it is defined before delving into its effects on the human body.

To define testosterone, in mammals, testosterone can be said to be the chief sex hormone secreted by the testes in males and by the ovaries in females. Adrenal glands also secrete small amounts of testosterone.

At times it is also used as an anabolic steroid. The testosterone definition in men plays an imperative part in the process of development and growth of reproductive system tissues such as the prostate and testis.
Testosterone also plays a very critical role in giving rise to secondary sexual characteristics like increasing bone mass and muscle mass. It also brings forth body hair growth. Studies have shown that testosterone is important to keep away osteoporosis. Testosterone levels peak to about 7-8 times greater in males as compared to females on an average, but the daily levels are about 20 times higher.

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Testosterone Effects on the Prostate and Sexual Health

It was popularly believed for a long time that testosterone aided the growth of prostate growth and sped up the growth of cells that would normally grow slowly. So by providing testosterone to an individual diagnosed with prostate cancer, it was akin to adding fuel to fire.

Sadly, this prompted many individuals to undergo Hormone Replacement Therapy because of the reported link between the two. The reasoning behind this was that since prostate cancer required testosterone to grow, replacement therapy would stall its growth and prevent it from spreading.
Hormone Replacement Therapy for testosterone is flawed as there have been studies that have quashed such a link between the two. The link between them is spurious as research has shown that there is a direct link between testosterone and the risk of mortality.

The study revealed that low testosterone levels are a significant risk factor for men over 40. The results of the study concluded that men with significantly low levels of testosterone had 88% higher risk of death compared to those with normal levels.
Low testosterone levels have been linked with a decline in sex drive and libido. Therefor decreased sex drive and problems such as erectile dysfunction are probable signs of low testosterone levels.

Testosterone Definition:
What does testosterone do?

It is important to boost testosterone levels naturally and take supplements to increase testosterone levels. Testosterone levels that are low have shown a direct correlation to many conditions that could lead to erectile dysfunction such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and endothelial dysfunction.

Another result of low levels of testosterone in men is that it can also lead to reduced testicle size, loss of body hair, lethargy, muscle weakness and excessive breast growth.

Testosterone therapy has shown promising results such as improvement in sex drive and satisfaction after sex in many individuals. This research is still in its nascent stage and the benefits or long-term risks of replacement therapy are still not known.
It is important to consume a well balanced diet and exercise regularly to elevate testosterone levels. It is also critical to note the side effects and long term effects each type of treatment listed in the testosterone definition may have on the body before actually pursuing it.

If you enjoyed reading this article and can’t wait to read more, we will be covering the following topics in the next few articles:
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To help you understand each topic, the articles will list in-depth information, symptoms or treatments. Stay tuned...

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