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Prostate Health Massage
For Optimum Health And
Sexual Performance

Prostate health massage can benefit your prostate gland by improving blood flow to this crucial part of a man's sexual anatomy.

Increasing blood flow helps to nourish the prostate and increase the removal of toxins that can get trapped inside its many ducts and nodules.

Take a look at this prostate picture and you can see the prostate gland right under the bladder with the prostate erection nerves which are on the outside.

Prostate health massage can help men improve their prostate health and increase sexual stamina because the prostate erection nerves attach to the outside of the prostate.

Prostate Health Massage Benefits

Prostate massage in addition to improving overall prostate health helps with sexual stamina if desired. The best way to do that is to use a special prostate massage device that works by doing prostate squeezes or prostate exercises. Sometimes they are also called male kegel exercises.

Basically by activating your stop pee muscle on and off during the prostate massage you increase that blood flow and at the same time strengthen your prostate muscle.

Yes the prostate is both a gland that secretes fluids as part of your ejaculate and is also a muscle... so exercising the muscle by the squeezing action will strengthen your sexual control allowing both stronger orgasms if desired and longer delay time so as to avoid premature ejaculation problems.

Prostate Ejaculate Massage and Prostate Ejaculation

Let's describe prostate ejaculate massage. It can be done simply as prostate health massage or it can be combined with sexual stimulation for sexual pleasure.

Prostate massage used to be done non-sexually by doctors to remove prostate fluid without an erection because the massage can easily allow the prostate fluid to come out of a flaccid non-erect penis. This benefits the prostate by removing toxins that can accumulate there.

Prostate ejaculation is usually meant to describe the prostate milk that is excreted with sexual stimulation, but that addition is not needed for the prostate to ejaculate.

Now remember that full sexual ejaculation includes fluids from the testes and seminal vesicles as well. Prostate ejaculate is only 30-35% of the total.

Self Prostate Massage

The best way to do prostate massage that will also strengthen your kegel muscle is to use a special prostate massage device.


Because they are designed to massage more of the prostate that can be done by your finger and requires you to be active by doing the squeezing prostate exercises.

The combination is what is so beneficial and pleasurable whether or not you decide to add sexual intent and stimulation.

If you do then watch out as the result can be exceptionally exciting and pleasurable, and at the same time rewarding to you prostate health.

Here is a picture and link for the Aneros Prostate Massager: it massages both internally as you squeeze and externally with the small abutment on the outside.

Hey, if you are serious about your prostate health massage then may I recommend my book below? It is all part of your overall health as a man.

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