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Sensual Prostate Massage for Extra Pleasure and Health

Sensual prostate massage combines the benefits of therapeutic prostate massage for your prostate's health with the pleasure of sensual and sexual arousal.

Massaging your prostate with care and gentleness allows blood flow to increase to your prostate gland, removing stagnant fluids and refreshing the tissues. it is a real benefit to a man's health with the added bonus of improving sexual function.

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Why is prostate massage good for you?

Not only does it improve the health of your prostate by removing toxins through the cleansing action of increased blood flow but it can also offer the bonus of a great sensual experience if you add sexual stimulation to the massage.

You can add that stimulation in any way that makes you feel good: with a partner of by yourself.

Massaging the prostate also

  • stimulates the prostate erection nerves and lymph nodes and
  • provides exercise for the prostate which is both a gland that secretes fluids without ejaculation called "prostate milk" and a muscle that helps create the lovely sensual feeling of pumping during orgasm.

It is also possible to release fluids or "milk" from the prostate without an erection. This is called prostate massage milking which is simply the release of some of the fluids that the prostate makes.

This fluid which is white in color is about 30-35% of the total ejaculation and can be released as part of a prostate massage without having to ejaculate. That's why it is called prostate massage milking. The fluid comes out from a flaccid penis.

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Sensual prostate massage and sex

You or with your partner can decide whether or not to add the sexual dimension to your sensual prostate massage. If you do add sexual stimulation you just may find that it can be an extremely powerful orgasm.

It is the added stimulation to the prostate via the prostate massage that creates such an amazing experience.

How to do sexual prostate massage?

You or your partner can use a gloved finger for this purpose, carefully and gently inserted into the anus with lubrication. Or you may well prefer one of the specially designed prostate massagers that are excellent and safe to use as they cannot be inserted too far or with too much pressure.

Being very gentle is the key to prostate massage. Too much stimulation, especially at the beginning of your experience with prostate massage is not needed. You will find a little goes a long way!

Click on the image below and go to the Eupho Classic. It is the basic massager to choose. The beauty of these massagers are

  1. they massage a greater area of the prostate than you can achieve with your finger
  2. they can only go in the right amount of distance because of the abatement tab on the left that prevents further entry
  3. the tab also stimulates the outside of your prostate through the perineum G-spot, so you get massaged from the inside and outside
  4. it uses the natural squeezing of your perineum muscles (your stop-pee muscle) for the massage, and so
  5. it allows you to be hands free for your massage thus giving you the ability to play with your partner or yourself if you so choose!

These are wonderful massagers for a sensual massage.<br>

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Prostate Massagers for a
Healthy Prostate

• Sonic Pulsations

Prostate massagers are the safe, modern way to reap the benefits of what used to be done routinely by doctors and urologists to improve blood flow and circulation and to remove toxins from the prostate gland.

This prostate massage device uses sonic pulsations to do the same thing in a fraction of the time and is actually the superior way to do this health practice.

The Prostate Health Center makes these prostate massage devices. They are inexpensive, guaranteed and you can try them for 60 days risk free. See why so many men have benefited from them for their prostate condition.

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• Pro-State Prostate Massage Device

This is by far the best prostate massager to use if you have more time to relax and enjoy the benefits and pleasure of a prostate massage. It is also ideal if you want to combine the prostate massage benefits with erotic sexual stimulation. The choice is yours in how you want to use it.

Pro-State Prostate Massage Device


Prostate Cradle
Here's a great yet simple external prostate massager:

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