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Is monitoring only a good trratment "plan" for Gleason 6 3plus3

by Daniel Bayer
(Kansas City, MO, USA)

I have had aging prostate symptoms for more than ten years, At about the same time, (approx 12 years ago, it became difficult to maintain an erection) The urgency issues seemed to come and go(no pun intended) but erections didn't come back. Spontaneous and prolonged erections have decressed and even my penis length and girth has decreased noticeably...even with the use of viagra 100s. The first time I took viagra 20 and was basically erect for 30 hours. I wonder if I may have somehow damaged things. I did become less concerned about cancer when the urgency an night pees subsided for a prolonged period, bu 4 years ago requested a PSA with my physical exam. My doctor informed me that my PSA was 4.2 (or 5.2) don't remember and referred me to urologist. Before that appt., I did some reading and wanted to get an MRI. When I told the urologist I wanted MRI, he said the first thing was to retake my PSA to see if my prior reading was accurate.
His PSA test showed a PSA level over half a point less (to 4.5 or 3.5).He recommended re-test every 6 months. Due to a variety of circumstances my next re-test was 3 years later this past May and the my personal physician reported that it was now a 10.2 and made a referral to the same urologist.
When they called a month later they told me they were out-of-network and so I sought out a specialist in-network with the University of Kansas: Will Parker, MD. I had my needle biopsy on September 11th and was called the evening of the 17th that adenous cancer had been found in just 2 of 12 biopsy specimens and these cancer cells were only mildly distorted vs. normal cells. I had been expecting worse and was relieved that it was a 3 plus 3 Gleason 6, but when we met the next day I was surprised that the only option he gave me (thus my treatment plan) was to come back in 6 months (March 2020) and check my PSA. I did persist with his PA and she agreed to schedule a pelvic MRI for me in two weeks. My concern in that they poked all around a huge nasty tumor but just barely missed finding it with the biopsy. Assuming that the MRI verifies my Gleason 6 is a plan to only monitor every 6 months a reasonable plan. Icm concerned that the 6 could turn into an 8 or 9 between these intervals and cause me to choose prostatectomy which I really don't want a feeling stronly shared by by wife. Are there other things that I could be doing that might help on the cancer end or the ED end or both?? I anxiously await your response.


Ron here...

I am not a doctor and can't advise specifics of your case.

That said please read all about diet and exercise here and in my books to ensure you are doing all you can to create a healthy you. No matter what is going on, to me these create the foundation for good health.

If you want an alternative point of view then check out the 3D Prostate Cure clinic.

For erectlie problems this is a very informative site and technique with clinics all over the US:

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