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Prostate Cancer Stages from Stage 1 to Stage 4 
Prostate Cancer

Doctors like to classify prostate cancer stages from 1 (mild) to Stage 4 prostate cancer (severe). 

While seemingly helpful, there are dangers: 

  1. It may frighten the patient into taking much more aggressive action for treatment than is necessary.
  2. Or it may make the doctor push you in a more proactive and aggressive "preventative" action by performing a radical prostectomy, the removal of your prostate gland.

Most prostate cancers are best left alone than to be treated with modern methods of surgery, radiation or hormone or drug chemo methods. 


Because most cases of prostate cancer stages are usually the milder versions well contained in the prostate gland and are very slow growing. 

Most men will die of something else than their prostate cancer. 

So often the recommendation is "watchful waiting". 

But if you are younger, then you or your doctor may be tempted to try more aggressive approaches no matter what stages of prostate cancer you are experiencing. 

But please learn more about your prostate gland functions here before you do that because you will then have a life of possible serious side effects: incontinence (common), erectile difficulties (also common) and perhaps a painful rectum. 

The prostate is too important an organ to dismiss it so readily. 

What's the alternative then? 

Stop what created the cancer in the first place rather than let the prostate cancer stages become a doorway to irreversible decisions.

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Medical treatment options include: 

  • Radical prostatectomy (prostate removal)
  • External beam radiation
  • Brachytherapy (implanting radiation seeds)
  • Brachytherapy plus external beam radiation combined
  • Cryosurgery (surgery to freeze cancerous tissues)

For those men who want to take charge of their health and who want a healthy prostate for life, I would suggest you understand why and how you got prostate cancer and how you can change the conditions so the cancer no longer has a host in your body. 

It is going to take courage on your part because, starting with your doctor and perhaps your loved ones who are afraid of the word "cancer", you will be rushed into making what I think are poor decisions — undertaking traditional medical treatments. 

Especially when there is another route to take that gets rid of the cancer and makes you far healthier as a result. 

But it will take effort and changes on your part.

That's the route I went for my extreme prostate condition and it worked. You can read much more about it in my book, Healthy Prostate, and go to the links below for more insights. 

Go to the link on metastatic cancer which is really Stage IV prostate cancer to read about what to do in a severe case like that. 

If you go to all the mainstream websites about prostate cancer stages, they will mostly all point you on the road to biopsies — (do not do it) — and the treatments listed above. To most people, cancer is an enemy — a foreign invader that came from nowhere to strike you out of the blue. 

Well, don't buy into that view. Cancer "attacks" for a reason and once you understand what happened, it is very realistic to reverse it. But you need good information without bias or pushing a limited way or agenda. 

In my book, I provide you with the tools you need to customize your approach to healing your prostate cancer based on what your body knows is best for you. I show you how to do it. 

But first read more here: 

Go from Prostate Cancer Stages to Metastatic Prostate Cancer Symptoms 

and then read up on what others have to say about my book: 

Healthy Prostate


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