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External Male Catheters or the Male Condom Catheter Is The Perfect Easy Device for When You Can't Control Your Peeing or Dribbling When Away From Home

External male catheters are used for occasions where you know you may have troubles finding or getting to a bathroom, or do not want to be interrupted by frequent or urgent urination. Truck and taxi drivers, long-distance travel, sports events, and other occasions are just some possible users or uses of these wonderful devices.

They go over your penis like a condom, and have a tube at the end to drain into a bag. The trick is to keep them from falling off or getting loose so that they leak or do not work properly.

Size Matters! This is where an honest measurement of your favorite part must be accurate! Cheat and call it longer or thicker and you will leak! If the external catheter is too small, it may hurt you over the time it is on. Go here to download a sizing chart: Merlin Medical Supply Sizing Chart

Now that you know what the right size is for you, I will explain how a external male catheter works and help you choose what kind to buy.

You have several choices of external condom catheters, all of which attach to a drainage bag with a tube. They come in rubber, polyvinyl or silicone. They're attached by double-sided adhesive, a latex inflatable cuff, jockey's type strap, or foam strap. They're disposable and really shouldn't be used for more than 24 to 48 hours. Reusable ones are available.

Always remember with any catheter that there is a risk of infection and even external catheters can cause skin irritation: there is adhesive inside that sticks to the skin of the penis and wraps around it.

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Step-by-step Instructions for External Male Catheters

Here are step-by-step instructions for using external condom catheters:

  1. First, wash your hands.
  2. Next, gather your supplies: correct-sized condom catheter, leg drainage bag with tubing, clamp, manicure scissors, soap, wash cloth, towel, and protective ointment.
  3. Use the manicure scissors to cut back the hair at the base of the penis. This prevents it from being caught by the adhesive.
  4. Remember, the penis and surrounding area must be cleansed thoroughly with soap and water. Dry completely before applying a new catheter. This is crucial because if moisture is left inside the condom, bacteria can grow. Bacteria can cause a urinary tract infection. You don’t need that on top of your prostate problem!
  5. Sometimes, you might find the adhesive used inside the condom catheter causes irritation to the skin on the shaft of the penis. In the case, avoid using the condom catheter until the irritation is gone.
  6. Urine can irritate the skin, so use a protective ointment and let it dry until sticky.
  7. Tightly roll the balloon-like part, the condom sheath, to the edge of the connector tip. Next, put the catheter sheath on the end of your penis, but there should be about 1/2” space between the two tips: the penis tip and the connector tip.
  8. It's easiest if you let your penis stretch as you unroll the condom smoothly. When done, gently press it to the penis so it sticks.
  9. Connect the tip to the tube to the urine bag and strap the bag to your thigh.
  10. For removal, clamp the tube closed to prevent spillage. Disconnect the tubing, unstrap the bag, and remove the condom by rolling it forward. Then empty the pee bag.

Different men have different levels of activity. Therefore, urinary drainage storage bags come in various sizes. So, for example, men who are still active can get a smaller bag.

Want to read more about them?

What is a condom catheter?

How to Care For Your Condom Catheter

As you have read, there are many types of external male catheters. You will have to read more and explore to find ones that work best for you. The best idea is to try several types and see what works for you.

Sources of External Condom Catheters

These modern internal and external male catheter devices have enabled men to have more freedom than ever before and peace of mind for special times or emergencies where sudden blockage occurs.

Be prepared if you have any symptoms of a prostate problem. Get a kit together so if an emergency happens, you can handle it safely. In fact, a catheter should be part of every first aid emergency kit today, as well as knowing how to use it.

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