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EMF Health and Your Prostate 

What is an EMF and why is EMF health important for your prostate? What is electromagnetic radiation (EMR)

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation is generated by electrical devices, power lines, WiFi stations, cell phones, handheld phones, computers, airport scanners, hospital testing machines, and more. 

Electromagnetic fields are created from electric current flows, such as when using a portable phone, microwave, computer, or a cell phone. It is also known as Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). 

There is a growing body of concern that our unprecedented exposure to EMFs may have a serious yet hidden ill-health consequence for many people, particularly the very young, individuals with weakened immune systems, or with others who are more sensitive and actually feel a response to EMFs. For example, did you know EMFs can trigger abnormal heart rhythms?

EMF health is a sleeper issue, invisible, and very slow to manifest in chronic health conditions. EMF radiation is a controversial subject because conclusive evidence could devastate many modern electronic device industries until they could find a way to produce items that minimize the risks. 

Industry-funded research shows no harmful effect and supposedly neutral organizations may still have industry support or affiliations. But more and more independent studies are proving the dangerous

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For more precise information on EMF health, read this report: Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons For Concern. It explains the risks of brain cancer, the higher risks for children, and the real dangers of testicular cancer and lowered sperm counts in boys and men who wear their phones in their pants pocket.

You can also watch a short YouTube video on the site for EMF Radiation Research Trust. Just scroll down a bit to find it.

Electromagnetic Radiation Health

An ever-increasing number of independent doctors and groups are warning about the dangers. If you think about the issue, you’ll realize that in any city we are now bombarded by exposures from all directions around us, crisscrossing us with invisible EMF fields. As an example, my WiFi picks up over 25 signals while I am typing this in Vancouver and that is only EMFs from WiFi, not including exposure to cell phone towers and signals.

I am no expert on the area of EMF health, but I will provide links for you to make your own informed decision. I certainly err on the side of caution and try to limit my exposures by using wire connections whenever I can for the computer or phone. I minimize my cell use, hold the phone away from my head as much as possible and use the speaker phone of my portable instead of holding it next to my ear.

Basically I block EMFs whenever I can, especially at home and at night.

You can read more about it in my book here>>>

Read these articles for more information about this issue: Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) - Hazardous to Our Health? ? If you have a prostate problem, especially cancer, then use caution. 

The EM Watch website has a lot of good information, so spend time there exploring and reading more about EMFs. This site offers great advice on how to minimize exposures. 

Devra Davis’ book explains a lot more about cell phone dangers, including why Lloyds of London refuses to insure cell phone manufacturers against health-related claims: Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family

Here is another article that discusses the dangers of EMFs. This same article discusses the dangers of smart metering, which emit EMFs non-stop. Another article discussed the UK's success in possibly changing policy around Smart meter installation.

EMF Health and Hormones

This article, Effects of Electropollution On Hormones and Breast Cancer, also talks about the effects on hormones including men’s testosterone and prostate cancer. 

Experimental physiologist Dr. Charles Graham’s research found that magnetic fields had an effect on two other hormones. Overnight exposure of women to elevated levels of EMR in the laboratory significantly increased estrogen levels which is a known risk factor for breast cancer. In men, EMR exposure reduced levels of testosterone—a hormone drop that has been linked to testicular and prostate cancers.

Still not convinced on how EMF health relates to you and your prostate? On May 31, 2011, The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer released this press release: IARC Classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields as Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans

Dear reader, this is a conservative organization that is making this statement. Remember how long it took for the powers that be to finally agree that asbestos, DDT, cigarettes, and lead in gasoline were hazardous to health and enacted legislation? 

When billions of dollars are at stake, it takes a long time for change at the regulatory level. But you can adapt any time you choose. Play it safe with exposures to EMFs, or play and pay with your health. Your choice.

Protection from EMFs

If you do searches on EMF health, you will no doubt encounter supposed protective devices that you can attach to your electronic devices like cell phones or laptops to “protect” you from EMFs. In addition there are devices that you can wear that also supposedly protect you. 

Although these devices sound good in theory, I would take most of these claims with a big grain of salt no matter how much “science” there is around them. 

The reason is that they work by switching the energy from one part of the body to another. You may feel temporarily better but then find health problems manifest in other parts of the body later. 

I had such an experience where an alternative health practitioner sold me a device to wear even while I slept. During the second night I awoke and almost blocked completely. I traced the reaction back to the device and got rid of it. 

I advise you to be careful with any of these devices. The devices work by hyper-stimulating your nervous system so you initially feel much better - while new problems start developing - shifting the sensitivity to EMFs from one area of the body to another. You feel good for a while but then other symptoms develop. 

Do not trust the “scientific” claims. The best solution is to practice safe EMFs! For some excellent tips on improving EMF health read this article: EMF Protection and Safety 

DLan plugs are a simple way to wire your house for computers without a wireless WiFi network. It works by using the dLan plug to connect your router through the electrical system. You just plug into another room’s electrical socket and you have Internet connection without any WiFi EMFs. Learn more at this site. 

Read more about how to minimize the effects of electro magnetic radiation at this site. Dr. Carlo recommends boosting the body's resistance with a healthy diet, similar to the one I recommend in my book, Healthy Prostate: The Extensive Guide to Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems

Take a precautionary approach to EMFs and EMF health. If you are having a prostate problem, then reducing these possible irritants just makes sense. 

This is not going to be easy to do, but start making efforts where you can. This is a long-term exposure problem with no immediate observable benefits. The symptoms occur down the road. Let’s hope it is not an early dead end.

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