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The Causes of Prostate Problems
Part III

If you've read over Part I of Causes of Prostate Problems, then you know we've touched on the differences between conventional and natural medicine, and taking responsibility for our health - or lack of it. In Part II, we looked at ranking food choices and diet for good prostate health. 

There's actually quite an extensive list of causes or prostate problems. Let's take a look.

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What Causes Prostate Problems in Men?

Causes of prostate problems:

  • inherited weaknesses and disposition 
  • our diets 
  • poor stress management 
  • improper acid/alkaline balance 
  • our lifestyle and lack of exercise 
  • harmful habits 
  • too much sitting position 
  • toxic build-ups 
  • lack of enough sunlight 
  • not enough oxygen 
  • vaccines, medications and too many antibiotics 
  • microwaved food 
  • hormone imbalances and natural hormonal changes 
  • too much sex or not enough sex 
  • poor sleep and not enough sleep 
  • poor water quality and air pollution 
  • poor depleted soil robbing us of nutrition 
  • skin color 

All of these causes of prostate problems play a crucial role in whether or not you will suffer from an enlarged prostate, prostatitis or cancer. In my book, I discuss each one of these factors and why they cause prostate diseases. Below, I address a couple of the items on this list.

Common Causes Of An Enlarged Prostate

This information can best be found in more detail at the 3DProstate Clinic by Dr. Song, perhaps the best urologist in the world in this author's opinion. I quote him here:

There are many reasons that can cause an enlarged prostate, and here are some of the most common:

1) Genitourinary infections, like prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, cystitis, verumontanitis can make the prostate tissue continuously congested,and result in prostate enlargement.

2) Excessive sexual activity and masturbation can cause the prostate tissue to congest repeatedly, with eventual prostate enlargement.

3) Chronic, long-term drinking and eating an excess of rich and spicy food will irritate the prostate, make it congested, and cause prostate enlargement.

4) Lack of exercise can lead to artery hardening and poor prostate blood circulation and can also result in prostate enlargement.

5) Long-term tension and pressure, and vegetative nerve dysfunction can also cause a microcirculation problem in the prostate, and result in prostate enlargement.

6) Retaining urine for too long makes urine highly concentrated with decreased frequency, leading to an ingress of toxins in the body, and urine reflux into the prostate during urination. Any pathogenic/toxic elements in the urine will affect the prostate and make it enlarged.

7) Lifestyle. Obesity is closely related to the volume of prostate. The fatter you are, the bigger the prostate volume is. The increased intake of total energy and proteins; fat, milk and milk products, red meat, also grain, poultry, starchy foods can potentially raise the risk of having an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Vegetables, fruit, polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and vitamin D can potentially reduce the risk of having an enlarged prostate and developing prostate cancer .

8) Age-related enlarged prostates mostly result from a declining body function, imbalanced hormone levels from decreased production, decreased testicular and prostate secretion production, atrophying, degenerative changes of the gland and connective tissue hyperplasia in the prostate, all, can enlarge the prostate. An enlarged prostate presses on the urethra and the vas deferens thereby causing urination and ejaculation dysfunction. As the sexual hormones decrease further, functions of other areas of the body also gradually decline.

Note to women who may be visiting.
Virtually all the causes of men’s prostate diseases and problems will apply to women’s health, especially uterine and breast cancers. Most of the general advice will be highly beneficial too.

Inherited Weaknesses and Disposition

When we are born, we come into the world with a unique gift from our parents. We inherit a constitution, our basic fundamental health core, that combines the DNA of both parents. The quality of their health determines our health foundation. You can have a strong constitution or a weak one and everything in between. 

We see this in people all the time. Some are gifted with strong healthy physiques and constitution while others are less well off and must fight for their health. 

The quality of the food and lifestyle and stress conditions of our mothers while we were in the womb thus plays a big part in our overall health. These factors are major in determining our constitution: whether we are blessed with a gift or burdened with a challenge. 

So does whether or not we were breast fed, as breast milk is the ideal food for babies not cow’s milk which is meant for a calf. Cow’s milk has way too much protein for a new baby and creates many problems later in life. 

Our day-to-day diets and habits determine our health condition. If you combine a weak constitution with weak health conditions created by our choices as we move onwards in life, then you have a ripe combination for many diseases and often very serious ones. This is especially true for prostate diseases because of the accumulation of toxins in the prostate. 

Take the strong constitution type who seems to never get sick and can abuse his body for decades by poor diet and lifestyle choices. Suddenly at age 48 or 54, he gets a massive heart attack. His daily condition finally overcame his powerful gifts of a strong constitution. 

Thus what we were given from our parents and what we do with it creates our health conditions, our disposition to disease in general and to prostate disease in particular. 

In the case of the prostate, men can inherit a weak constitution in that area of the body. This does not mean you are doomed to prostate diseases. It just means that you are more susceptible than others and will have to make changes if you want prostate health. 

My father had an enlarged prostate or BPH and I got that too but much earlier in life than him. That was my combination of weaker constitution and my poor diet of many decades, some of the key causes of prostate problems, including an enlarged prostate. 

Conclusion: use your daily habits to create a stronger health condition and a healthy natural prostate. Remove as many of the causes of prostate problems as you can. In time good habits will affect your constitution and make it healthier.

We replace all our cells every seven years. You can thus rebuild your body over time at the cellular level to give you real health by the daily choices you make and have control over.

The Causes of Prostate Problems: Poor Stress Management

Stress plays such an important role in prostate cancer causes and men’s prostate health overall. Research has proven that stress is one of the major causes of all diseases not just the causes of prostate problems. Men are very susceptible to poor stress management because of our more aggressive makeup and activities. 

If you have prostate symptoms or prostate cancer, then make managing stress a key area to master. This is crucial to your well being! 

Let me explain why this is so important to your prostate health. I’ll tell you a story about my anxiety prostate problems! 

And it’s true! 

In my third year of my enlarged prostate condition, I got a call from Revenue Canada (the equivalent of the IRS) wanting to come see me for an audit of my personal and business affairs. Fun Fun Fun! 

While I knew I had nothing to hide, I could see why they had chosen me. My personal income was very low while I was involved in several businesses. It was the old bootstrap entrepreneur story. I knew all I had to do was show them my credit cards and they could see how I was living and financing the businesses. 

I told myself to relax and that I had nothing to worry about. 

I live on a remote island and two auditors came to see me... a day’s journey each way from their office. 

When they came, I thought that I was relaxed enough and ready. I guess I felt a bit intimidated by all the questions they asked and the documents they wanted to see. It was quite invasive. 

As time progressed, I found myself shutting down. My already enlarged prostate enlarged significantly more during the three hour meeting and I urgently had to go and pee often... 

While trying to pee, a few drops came out and then during the last hour or so nothing would come out! 

Every 5 minutes I had to go try again but still no luck and the pain was getting unbearable. I had a complete prostate attack! Total shut down caused by stress! 

By the time they left, I rushed upstairs grabbed my catheter and was able to release the urine! I learned then that stress is one of the MAJOR causes of prostate problems.

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