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Is a Prostate Orgasm a Super Orgasm?

A male prostate orgasm is an expanded orgasm sometimes known as a male super orgasm that is incredibly powerful.

Why is it any different from a a regular orgasm?

The answer lies in the prostate which is known as the male G-spot.

A prostate orgasm is done by massaging the prostate gland. This sensual prostate massage when combined with intentional sexual stimulation either by a partner or by masturbation, the orgasm that results is way more powerful than a regular one.

Powerful means longer lasting and more intense. Not bad benefits from a prostate massage!

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Male Prostate Orgasm Benefits:

Apart from the intense pleasure of such a wonderful orgasm, you get the added benefits of milking the prostate

  • increased circulation to the prostate and the prostate erection nerves
  • increased stimulation of your prostate lymph glands
  • increased prostate health
  • remove stagnant prostate fluids
  • increases freshly oxygenated blood flow to your prostate
  • releases fluids and flushes toxins

Prostate massage is the key skill to learn so that you can reap these rewards.

That is why I have written a manual to explain all these benefits and exactly how to do the massage safely and effectively.

Prostate massage is becoming more and more acceptable by men today both for its health benefits and for its potential for a heightened sexual experience for men.

Prostate massage is easy to do once you understand how to do it.

And there are wonderful devices that make it simpler and more pleasurable.

Prostate Massage Orgasm

From the book:

"When you do prostate massage with sex in mind—adding sexual stimulation to the massage—the orgasm is much longer and more powerful than a regular ejaculation. Most men would like this added bonus! You have got to try it to believe the difference.

Rather than prostate massage be solely for therapeutic purposes—blood flow and stagnant prostate fluid movement—the little-known male G-spot can and will shower its blessings with truly wonderful orgasms that will knock your socks off (if you’re still wearing them) when you finally release.

And there are advanced techniques—you can learn to have what is called multiple male orgasms! Not just for women"

Table of Contents

  • The Prostate’s 10 Amazing Functions
  • Benefits of Prostate Massage
  • Prostate Exercises
  • External Prostate Massage
  • Non-Sexual External Prostate Massage
  • Internal Prostate MassageNon-Sexual Internal Prostate Massage
  • Prostate Massage Devices
  • Techniques for Using the Pro-State Prostate Massager
  • Sexual Internal Prostate Massage
  • Prostate Massage Orgasm
  • Video Techniques for Pleasurable Sexual Prostate Massage
  • Tantra and Taoist Prostate Sex Practices
  • Sex and Your Prostate
  • Advanced Sexual Skills
  • Prostate Massage Resources
  • How to Nourish Your Prostate Gland

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The Prostate Massage Manual…
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Prostate Massagers for a Healthy Prostate

• Sonic Pulsations

Prostate massagers are the safe, modern way to reap the benefits of what used to be done routinely by doctors and urologists to improve blood flow and circulation and to remove toxins from the prostate gland.

This prostate massage device uses sonic pulsations to do the same thing in a fraction of the time and is actually the superior way to do this health practice.

The Prostate Health Center makes these prostate massage devices. They are inexpensive, guaranteed and you can try them for 60 days risk free. See why so many men have benefited from them for their prostate condition.

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• Pro-State Prostate Massage Device

This is by far the best prostate massager to use if you have more time to relax and enjoy the benefits and pleasure of a prostate massage. It is also ideal if you want to combine the prostate massage benefits with erotic sexual stimulation. The choice is yours in how you want to use it.

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Healthy Prostate:
The Extensive Guide To Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems Including Prostate Cancer, BPH Enlarged Prostate and Prostatitis

Written by Ronald M Bazar,
~BCom, McGill University
~MBA, Harvard University
~the author of this website.

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