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Natural BPH Treatments or Enlarged Prostate Treatments Including Enlarged Prostate Remedies for BPH Enlarged Prostate

By far the most important of the BPH treatments is your daily food! I can’t emphasize this enough. Making the right food choices is the key to health. If you think supplements can make up for poor food choices, you are sorely mistaken. 

The complexities and bio-availability of nutrients, enzymes, naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, trace minerals, and antioxidants found in whole foods cannot be replicated in a laboratory making synthetic versions of these essential ingredients for life. 

Even natural prostate supplements are a far second to the benefits of natural whole foods eaten daily. Do not fool yourself into believing that you can make up for your poor dietary habits by supplementing your diet. 

We will talk more about enlarged prostate remedies and prostate health supplements in another section.

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If you have strong BPH symptoms and prostrate pain or a swollen prostate, then they are being triggered by your reactions to something, usually a food or a supplement – they seem to come out of the blue. But they don't. 

You are having an almost allergic reaction in your prostate and you can learn to diminish your prostate symptoms greatly just by stopping things that irritate your prostate. What those are will be unique to you and will change over time. You will have to learn to personally test. 

Personal Testing

Personal testing is a subject I go into at great length in my book. It is a proven technique to test whether a food or supplement is compatible with you at this time. This is so essential to learn because without it you have no idea whether something is harmful or beneficial. All the supposed great scientific facts are secondary to whether or not your body needs the item. You can know and know for sure. 

Personal testing is the surefire way to know and is the most important piece of advice I can offer you. Once you learn how you can eliminate things that are causing reactions in your prostate. 

Doing this and improving your diet are the key BPH treatments. There are no shortcuts when it comes to natural healing. But eating well and knowing what to avoid so you eliminate your extreme prostate reactions will set you on the road to healing. 


The other master key to prostate health and a crucial BPH treatment is cleansing. I can tell you that proper cleansing will accelerate everything you do by allowing your body to respond faster to the good changes and BPH treatments you do. 

All traditional cultures make seasonal cleansing and body cleansing detoxification as part of the natural rhythm of life. The body needs a rest and a cleanse from too much excess. Watch your pets. Do you think cats and dogs nibble on grasses and things from time to time for no reason? They know how to heal naturally. 

I just did a powerful colonic cleanse yesterday as part of my annual health protocols. What a difference! I am always amazed. Please read up on this or in my book. I will add some cleanses later on this site... 

That said, here are some BPH treatments to try.

Broccoli BPH Treatments for the Prostate

Cut up 1⁄2 lb or 250 grams of broccoli, stems and flowers, and boil in 4 1⁄2 cups of water for 5 minutes. Drink half the broth on an empty stomach in the morning and the other half in the evening. After 7 days stop for 3 days and resume 2 more sessions like before, for a total of 21 days of drinking time. I have tried this and felt it helped me. 

Basically what you are doing is getting a concentrated fully natural hit of cruciferous vegetables the basis for the supplement DIM. But it does take some effort.

Sitz Bath BPH Treatments

This is a soothing and one of my favorite BPH treatments and is also a great prostatitis remedy. A sitz bath uses the time-honored method of alternating hot and cold water over the prostate area by using a sitz bath commode (or another way of isolating that area) to concentrate the heat and cold to that part of the body. 

The heat causes expansion of the blood vessels and the cold contracts them. The effect causes lots of blood to flush the area and can remove toxins as a result. 

Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, has been used for ages. Look at the hot steam baths and natural hot springs in Europe. They are hugely popular. 

You can use a sitz bath commode, which fits over the toilet to catch water overflow. I am not sure if you can get maximum coverage of the prostate to make it effective doing that but others recommend them. 

You can get commodes at a good pharmacy or medical device store or here at Amazon: Sitz Bath Commode.  

Here is the basic procedure for a sitz bath: 

  • Fill the commode with hot water that is a comfortable temperature for your wrist. Too hot is dangerous. 
  • Add 1/2 cup of epsom salts to the water. 
  • Sit in the sitz bath for 6 minutes. If possible, add hot water as it cools, this also moves the water so that it does not stay stagnant against your skin.
  • Alternate with a second commode that has cold water and sit in it for just one minute. 
  • Repeat this process 2 more times. 
While doing this, it is important to do kegel exercises where you squeeze your prostate — like when you squeeze the stop-pee muscle in mid-stream.

Do this and hold for several seconds on your out breath and then relax. Repeat kegel exercises often in both the hot and cold water. This causes debris to move out of the prostate, which will have been loosened by the fresh blood flow. 

Here is my variation instead of using the commode: 

  • Get the largest food cooler you can, 2 of them. Put them in your bathtub. (If you only have room for one, then put the hot one in the bathtub.) 
  • Fill the cooler 1/2 way with hot water (a comfortable temperature for your wrist), add the Epsom salts and sit in it. Your lower torso will be nicely covered. 
  • Then have a handheld shower turned on to a hot trickle to add to the water and keep it nice and warm. 
  • Also remember to move by rising up and down a bit to move the water around your prostate area. Do your kegel squeezes and hold. 
  • Then go into the coldest water you can. You can keep it nice and cold by using the shower handheld to keep it on your prostate area (the lower tummy above your “equipment”). 
  • Six minutes hot: one minute cold. Repeat 2 more times.

Once you figure the process out you will actually find it quite effective and invigorating, especially if you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms. Follow with a shower. This is also a good remedy for a prostate attack. 

Read more here: Prostate Symptom Relief

Anti-Inflammatory Oil Application

Here is another one of my BPH treatments: 

Mix St. John's Wort with the essential oils of rosemary and lavender. Apply directly to the perineum area to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. 

There is another time honored BPH treatment, the Castor Oil Treatment Pack. Castor has been used for centuries in healing.

Prostate Massage for Prostate Health

If you want optimum prostate health then prostate massage is a good health practice to add. 

You can do either external prostate massage or internal prostate massage. 

Both increase circulation to the prostate area helping to remove toxins. 

Please read more by going to that section of my site on prostate massage.

These enlarged prostate treatments when combined with your diet changes and personal testing will take you a long way to healing your prostate.

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