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Quite a Powerful Prostate Picture!

This prostate picture shows an artist’s 3D image of the male “plumbing” system or prostate anatomy. That’s the bladder at the top with the prostate (smaller oval) underneath and the “crown jewels” below. 

To really understand how important the prostate gland is, then you should go to the page 10 Functions of the Prostate Gland.

Prostate Picture: Male Reproduction

This next prostate picture or diagram shows all the critical parts of the complex male reproductive system and the central role the prostate plays. Because of the position of the prostate below the bladder, any problems can quickly have a major impact on your day to day lifestyle. 

An enlarged prostate can wreak havoc with your sleep, your ability to hold in your urine, your frequency and power when peeing and a host of other prostate problems and symptoms.

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Understanding the Male Reproductive System

  1. Testicles or Testes - your “balls”
    The purpose of the testicles or testes is to produce sperm cells and to hold onto them until they mature. Once matured, the sperm cells leave the testicles and enter what is known as the epididymis.

  2. Epididymis
    This is a tightly coiled small tube attached to each of your testicles. It stores the mature sperm cells and it is where the sperm learn to swim (they need to know how to do this if they want to get to the innermost reaches of a vagina to impregnate an egg—they are wired for that!).

    Swelling of the testicles occurs during sex, and the testicles also produce fluid, which is added to the sperm cells in the epididymis. This new solution is only 5% of the eventual ejaculate.

    This solution moves onwards into your vas deferens tubes during ejaculation.

This next prostate picture gives you a different perspective of the prostate.


  1. Vas Deferens or Seminal Ducts
    As you can see in this prostate picture, these two tubes (which match the epididymis and testicles) move the sperm upwards into the pelvic area before ejaculation. The tubes unite with the ducts of the seminal vesicles just before the prostate gland.

    By the way, these are the tubes that are cut, tied, or cauterized in a vasectomy to prevent pregnancy. No happy day at the beach for those sperm cells!

  2. Seminal Vesicles
    These two small glands (the seminal vesicles), located right beside the prostate, produce about 60% of the seminal fluid.

    During ejaculation this fluid is added to the sperm mixture from the seminal ducts and then proceeds into the prostate gland.

  3. Prostate Gland
    The prostate gland located below the bladder produces a thin, milky, alkaline fluid, called prostate fluid.

    During ejaculation, the sperm and the semen mixture from the two seminal vesicles enter into the prostate via the ejaculatory ducts and then pass through the prostate gland while the prostate fluid is added to it.

    Prostate fluid makes up about 30-35% of the total semen. During ejaculation the semen is pumped by the muscles of the prostate (remember that the prostate is both a secreting gland and a muscle) through the ejaculatory ducts inside the prostate into the urethra and out through the penis.

The above prostate diagram gives you an idea of how far the sperm travels...

Aaaaaah! What a journey!

That’s why it feels so good!

Prostatic fluid is very rich in the minerals zinc, magnesium and potassium. This fluid produced by the prostate serves several functions in reproduction.

Prostatic fluid:

  • encases and protects the sperm with an alkaline fluid;
  • energizes the sperm cells with its nutrient-rich minerals; and
  • helps to make the vaginal canal less acidic on the way to the uterus, thereby increasing sperm survival.
  1. Cowper’s Glands or Bulbourethral Glands
    The Cowper’s Glands are two pea-sized glands beside the prostate deep inside what's called the perineal pouch. They secrete a clear slippery mucous to lubricate the urethra (the pee tube from the bladder) before the semen passes through it. Very helpful!

    This alkaline fluid is also known as a pre-ejaculate. Its alkalinity helps neutralize any acidic urine in the dual-purposed urethra, which carries both urine and sperm—but don't worry! A little bladder sphincter blocks any urine from leaving the bladder during sexual arousal.

    The Cowper's Glands add the final 5% of the ejaculate volume. The Cowper's Glands are also known as the bulbourethral glands.

    The urethra now carries the semen out and through the penis on its journey to wherever!

Hey, what about the penis? 

I didn’t forget that! Surprisingly, the penis is just the delivery vehicle! It may be a sexual organ, but it is not a reproductive organ. 

The same holds true for the prostate erection nerves, which attach to the outside of the prostate. These nerves are responsible for erections once there is some sort of stimulus that triggers them from the brain. 

These crucial prostate erection nerves control your ability to have an erection. Conventional medical prostate surgeries and treatments can easily damage or affect these wondrous nerves and sure can impact your get-up-and-go! 

So there you have it: an education through some fabulous prostate pictures!

In fact if you want to see more prostate images or pictures which are highly educational, then click here...

Prostate Diagram

Go from Prostate Picture to Prostate Gland Functions

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