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BPH and watery semen

by Carlos Rosa
(United Kingdom)

I have read this article and it's the best explanation I ever found on internet.

I have BPH and a 5.9 PSA level. I am on tantrum in 4 mg.

Currently I produce very little semen and it's all watery and clear. I had several urine infection in the past and got antibiotics to treat the infections. I experience watery semen after the treatment but after a month or so my semen becomes normal. After I had like 6 infections and treatment my semen remained watery and never recuperate. I am not sure if this because of the BPH.

I am having a Urolift procedure soon.

Will this help resolving my watery semen?

Are there any treatment for this.?

I had these watery symptoms long before I was taking tamsulusin so the medication may not be the cause?

Thanks for your help

Carlos Rosa


Ron here...

I am not a doctor so can't begin to answer this question. There are so many factors that play a part. It could be infections in the epididymis,seminal vesicles, and in the prostate itself.

The only urologist I know who could find the causes is Dr Song at the 3DProstateClinic in China. Go to the site and read up on the information there, and then you could write them if you so choose.

You can find links on this page.

Comments for BPH and watery semen

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Jul 09, 2018
BPH and watery semen
by: Anonymous


I can perhaps provide some insight from the perspective of Traditional Chinese medicine: In TCM, watery semen would likely be considered to be a result of cold temperatures influences your body fluids/functions. Antibiotics are considered to be Cold (and damp) in nature, and likely effected your body. (I have not been to the UK but my understanding is that the climate there also tends to be generally cold and damp.) Your system was likely able to recover after initial applications of antibiotics but the repeated doses likely took a toll. I would suggest that you try some probiotic supplements (to reestablish gut flora that the antibiotics may have harmed). More importantly, you can try warming foot baths that contain ginger that has been simmered in water, or ginger compresses over the kidney area of the back. (You can google how to do that). Also, drink tea made from simmering raw ginger. If that doesn't help, I would suggest visiting a skilled practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine who can provide herbs to help reestablish the inner warmth in your system.

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