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Going To A Big Pharma M.D. How To Manage His Help With Natural Healing?

by Claude Armstrong
(Lakewood, Washington)

I recently bought a 3-litre tin of sunflower / olive oil blend and in 10 days my urine flow began having problems getting started and flowing, then a week ago it shut down completely, except that if I ejaculate there is no pain and normal flow just afterward.

The local ER inserted a catheter since my bladder was grossly inflated. A few days later, I pulled it out expecting my usual hard exercise and vigorous walks would at least keep my bladder at less than too full.

Wrong! I re-entered ER and will now keep the catheter till there is ample proof I can pass urine enough to maintain a comfortable bladder.

But, as sunflower oil is highly toxic with 75,000+ units of organ-irritating omega 6 fatty acid, and no M.D. I've heard of even knows this fact, how do I approach my assigned M.D. to discuss natural cleansing and return of my urinary health?

I am 70, and have experienced zero mouth and internal disease for 6 years, as I soak my mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide to keep free oxygen in my blood. This procedure reversed a fast-growing tumor in my throat 6 years ago, then I found my entire mouth was squeaky clean and zero colds and flu.

There is no M.D. who can imagine to keep my body this disease free, so I'm afraid the advice for the urine issue may well be unendurable.


Ron here...

As we age we become more sensitive to foods and supplements... meaning we can have body reactions to them.

Thus I am not surprised at the reaction to the oils.

I recommend my books... which teaches you how to test yourself for bio-compatibility with your food and supplement inputs. This way you can avoid the ones that are triggering a negative reaction.

Then you have to rebuild your body using the best quality ingredients you can afford. Time to study, learn and test.

You are your own doctor! Your MD may or may not be receptive to what you want to do. If you can avoid reactive foods then you may be able to get rid of the catheter. Most will not understand that you can react to foods just like medications. He may know about the reactions in the prostate to antihistamines for instance. So food can be the same if it is the wrong one. It is like an allergic reaction in the prostate causing it to swell more than its already enlarged state so that you suffer acute urinary retention.

There is no shortcut on this path. Learn by studying and optimize your diet.

Remember that we are all unique so any food the experts say you "should" eat could be toxic for you. Your subconscious knows what it needs. Tap into it by personal testing all your inputs.

Best in health to you on your journey.

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