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Personal Testing for
How to Know What Foods or Supplements Are OK For You

Personal Testing takes the guessing out of knowing whether something is going to be OK to take or cause a reaction or allergic prostate response, or even a prostate attack.

When I use the word "Biocompatibility" I mean your body's response to a particular input.

Or as Wiki says: "The quality of not having toxic or injurious effects on biological systems."

Often we experience extreme symptoms of prostate problems.

In my experience over many years, I have been able to see quite clearly that we can react to a food or supplement by the increase in
our symptoms of prostate problems.

It can happen for any food or vitamin, supplement or herb or prostate medication. It matters not what the wonderful profile of its benefits are. If it doesn't work for you at this moment you can react.

This can take the form of making your prostate symptoms way worse and can even cause acute urinary retention where not a drop can come out no matter how badly you gotta go.

Bio-Compatibility Testing

I prefer to call it Personal Testing because it is such a personal test for how well you respond to any input. Learning how to do it properly can save you a lot of grief as you start on a healing journey of restoring some of your prostate health.

Many science based readers will scoff at this idea. That's OK by me. I learned about it and tried it. I was finally able to see that so many of my "healthy" inputs were making me miserable. The wrong food or supplement would cause me to react usually within a few hours.

I finally saw that even mu organic home-grown kale was a culprit for me. And we all know how good kale is for you!

Yes if it tests positive for you. But no if not. Kale caused me acute urinar retention on several occasions until I learned that it was indeed a culprit. I never even suspected it because of all its supposed benefits!

Bow I know much better and make no more assumptions based on the "goodness" of the item. I have reacted to even the very best prostate supplements, the most expensive superfoods and more.

Now I know better.

Personal testing can change your life...

It changed mine.

We are all so unique that what works for one may not for another. If you are having extreme prostate reactions then learn biocompatibility testing.

I am a slow learner sometimes, and I have paid the price for that weakness. But now, if I have had a reaction, I have always been able to find the culprit that caused it by testing all that I ate in my last meal. And many times I have stopped myself from taking something that personally tested NO and thus was able to avoid those reactions.

Suspend your judgment for a moment if you want results! Personal testing works if done correctly.

I call it “personal testing” because you are testing whether something is beneficial for you or not. It has other names as well: muscle testing, behavioral kinesiology, body tuning, biocompatibility testing, energy testing, energy awareness, bio-energetic testing, bio-resonance, pendulum testing, personal dowsing and more.

If you have heard these terms before and have negative thoughts about them, please suspend your judgment and read this quote from Albert Einstein:

"I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction, this is, however, unjustified. . . . Dowsing . . . shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors that are unknown to us at this time."

The key is to learn how to do it properly as there is much confusion and inexact methods. I show you how in my books.

Personal testing can quickly let you know

  •  whether a food is good for you or not,
  • whether a supplement is conducive to your health or not,
  • whether a medication or herbal remedy is good for you or not,
  • whether a body care product is good for you or not,
  • whether a household product is conducive to your health, or not, and
  • how much of an item is optimum to take.

There are no theories or facts about what you should or shouldn’t eat. All you need to do is be patient with yourself as you attempt to learn to personally test foods and products.

It takes a bit of time, but with persistence, you will develop a skill that is invaluable to have for your health. You will then know what is good for you or not.

Prostate Health Diet ebook

-How to personally test for bio-compatibility...

Three basic personal testing techniques that you can use are

  1. muscle testing with a partner,
  2. personal muscle testing, and
  3. pendulum testing.

Eventually, as your awareness develops and your natural instincts and intuition are strengthened, you may simply know whether something is beneficial for you or not without using testing techniques. Your subconscious knowing has energized your awareness.

Personally, since I am a very visual person, I love seeing the results of a test and find pendulum testing my favorite. Others who may be more attuned to sensations may find personal muscle testing to be their favorite, while others may enjoy and find they get the best response when testing with a partner.

Whichever test you end up attuning to, let yourself practice more and more. Tell your inner skeptic to take a sabbatical while you test drive personal testing—the benefits are so worthwhile!

Personal testing will also save you a lot of money because you won’t buy products that may be wonderful for others, but not for you (at least at this time). You will be able to design your own diet, take the right supplements and not one based on some expert’s advice (including me!).

My choice: pendulum testing

I know the people who make these pendulums and can attest both to their superb ease of use and accuracy.

What is so important about their pendulum is the instructions on how to use it properly and how to ensure you are not getting an incorrect response by doing what they call the "self test". This test before you check an item makes sure you or your environment are not affecting the results and that you are ready to test.

This purchase was BY FAR my best health purchase ever saving me a fortune in not buying supplements that were negative for me and in helping me avoid culprits. The benefits to my health have been immense.

You can learn more here: Omega Pendulums

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