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External Prostate Massage: 
Restore Your Prostate Health

External prostate massage consists of direct pressure and gentle massage of the taint area (otherwise known as the perineum or male G-spot) either with the soft pads of your fingers or with a special device.

Benefits from external prostate massage could mean that your pain will subside, your sex life returns, and healthy urinating patterns are regained. You may wake less and less each night.

The perineum is generally a diamond-shaped area that includes both the anus and the genitals, and its boundaries vary. Keep in mind while giving a perineum massage that it's not just a superficial area; it's also quite deep. It includes the fascia and muscles in the center of the pelvic region. 

Within this area is the male G-spot. Yes, you know about the women's G-spot and may have spent some time trying to figure out how to stimulate it, but how about your own? 

The G-spot is located about one inch below the rectum towards the scrotum and is a key acupuncture point. But let's not think about a needle there. Instead, imagine your own - or your partner's - fingers!Or you can imagine a massage device doing the trick.

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Again, on a deeper level, the male G-spot is the prostate, accessed perhaps more easily through the rectum in an internal prostate massage

However, much of the same benefits can be had with an external massage. You may discover that pain will subside, your sex life returns, healthy urinating patterns are regained, and you may wake less and less each night. 

Always check with your doctor to see if male prostate massage is for you. If so, be gentle, slowly build up the times you spend doing this. Vigorous massage can be harmful.

External Prostate Massage Tips

All right, here are some tips for doing the external massage. 

  1. Use some natural castor oil or almond oil to massage the perineum area while at the same time doing your prostate exercises, squeezing the pubococcygeus or PC muscle (the stop pee muscle). The combination is very powerful and will bring much of the benefit of an internal prostate massage.
  2. Find your male G-spot. Again, it's about one inch below the rectum towards the scrotum. If massaged during sex, it stimulates the prostate for double pleasure. It can also be used to stop ejaculation if pressed deeply just before the tipping point. You can read more about this in my book, Healthy Prostate.
  3. Do the perineum massage gently at first and increase the pressure as you go along. Then deeply massage the G-Spot, all while doing your prostate exercises squeezing and holding with deep breathing.

It is important to note, dear reader, that the benefits of prostate massage accrue over time. If you have a prostate condition, it can take a week or two of massaging very gently every other day before noticing the benefits. So be patient and give it a chance.

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