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Prostate Health Diet:
Understanding Your
Food Choices

Did you ever think you'd want to know what a prostate health diet looked like? There is actually food for good prostate health: food to avoid and food to consume. 

Ask people, in general, how well they eat and the answer from most is that they eat a healthy diet. Well, if this were actually true then why do we have an epidemic of prostate diseases and such poor life quality as we age? 

Why are so many elderly people so unhealthy and reliant on drugs? Why are we not vital until old age like the Okinawans of Japan that live and work to a very old age with none of the awful health problems of most of our elderly? 

We eat far too much poor quality, devitalized food. True - it appears that the food we eat has no immediate effect on our health. But, the cumulative result of poor food choices adds up little by little over time and takes its toll. 

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We cannot discharge all the toxins quick enough and as a result we get problems as we age. It is no wonder what causes prostate diseases! 

In the case of men a growing number now get prostate diseases: enlarged prostate, prostate cancer and prostatitis. These prostate problems are rare in cultures that eat traditional natural foods. Men’s prostate health requires optimal natural health food choices. It's not even a prostate diet - it's just eating real food! 

Poor prostate health results NOT from the fact that we live longer as the medical profession would have you believe, but from accumulating toxins from our modern devitalized "non-foods."

It reminds me of the story of the frog in a pot of water. Heat it slowly and the frog stays until boiled to death!

Prostate Health Diet


Time and repetition of poor food choices will take its toll. Guaranteed. That's why we have an epidemic of prostate disease in the West. 

You are what you eat. Food can be your medicine or your toxin. We have come so far away from a natural healthy food diet. Highly processed food has become the norm. Well - sadly we are way off base if real men’s health and a prostate health diet is our goal. Just as poor non-foods cause disease so too can healthy food be a medicine to create a vital body and mind. 

Look at these lists to see the differences in food choices. Where do you rank on this scale?


  • artificial sweeteners of all kinds such as Aspartame (NutraSweet) and Splenda (Sucralose) and their products like diet drinks 
  • foods with preservatives and MSG and other hidden neurotoxic ingredients 
  • highly-processed manufactured factory foods 
  • foods containing growth hormones and antibiotics, like dairy 
  • foods sprayed with pesticides 
  • GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods foreign to the body (90% of soy and its products in the US contain GMOs...and that is just one item..and it is fed to animals that you eat) 
  • food with trans fats 
  • artificial food and food dyes 
  • meat from animals fed animal parts and grown in farm factories 
  • BBQ’d food (cancer causing from burning fat) 

Yikes! Yikes! How in the world can we be healthy when we feed ourselves such non-foods? This is anything but a prostate health diet. 

Of course you don’t notice it as you are eating these yucky foods. You may not even be aware what they contain until now. But little by little you are destroying your health, and could be soon looking for a prostate cancer diet.

And you will pay a price, either with a major disease or with a slowly deteriorating health for your elder years or an untimely death! Guaranteed. 

Is this a good prostate diet?

Poor or lacking in vitality: 

  • commercial crops (vegetables and fruit) 
  • refined grains and white flours 
  • undetected molds in our food 
  • unripe sprayed fruit 
  • excess commercial animal fat 
  • meat and fowl grown in cramped quarters and stuffed with antibiotics and fed low quality feed 
  • pasteurized dairy food and milk 
  • white and processed sugars and its products 
  • desserts with unhealthy fats and sugar 
  • canned food 
  • table salt 
  • recooked food (no vitality) 
  • microwaved food 
  • hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and margarine 
  • too many acidic foods 
  • processed or smoked meats, hot dogs, deli meats 
  • commercial fast foods 
  • highly manufactured packaged food with many ingredients 

A bit better than the prior "Poorest" list but the result will be the same. It just may take a bit longer. By the time we reach our 50s we are on our way to serious prostate problems. At best, you should only eat these foods occasionally. 

Do you really believe the claims that pesticides and preservatives are not harmful in small quantities? What about the cumulative effects? Could this be why we loose our health over time? Almost all supermarket food is toxic to your health. 

It just may take time before you notice prostate problems and most men will in due course have them (at least western modern men). 

Look at our epidemics of disease from diabetes to heart ailments, from cancer to chronic illnesses to overweight problems to degenerative diseases. Most commercial food and fast foods are highly dangerous to you over time, causing major health problems and diseases. A prostate health diet is going in the other direction, non-commercial, slow foods, with immediate health benefits. You don't have to wait to start to feel good! 

The highest rates of prostate disease occur in those countries that eat the most animal fat and animal foods (which concentrate toxins up the food chain). 

Poor food choices rob you of vitality and set the stage for a diseased body. It is just time that is needed for the effects to manifest...remember the poor frog who felt nothing until it was too late! 

Acceptable but still not the best: 

  • fresh food 
  • home cooked meals using fresh ingredients 
  • free range fowl and meat 
  • frozen seafood 
  • non fast-food quality restaurant food 


  • organic produce 
  • fresh seasonal local food 
  • fresh raw food 
  • fresh seafood low on the scale of toxic metals 
  • free range fowl and meat organically fed 
  • natural whole foods: grains, beans, seeds, nuts and produce 
  • sea salt 

Prostate Cancer Diet Prevention...

Optimum food:

Food for good prostate health and as a prostate cancer diet:

  • home grown fresh organic fruits and vegetables 
  • organic and wild berries 
  • super foods as part of the diet 
  • fresh organic raw food 
  • balanced food for your particular body 
  • non-pasteurized organic dairy from grass fed animals 
  • organic pasture grazed meat and fowl (not grain fed) 
  • fresh caught seafood and shellfish lowest in toxic metal content 
  • organic whole foods: grains, beans, seeds, nuts soaked to reduce phytic acid anti nutrients 
  • fresh wild foods and herbs 
  • ancient sea salt from salt deposits buried in the earth 

Now this is a prostate health diet!

These lists shout out the differences based on our daily food choices and how far most of us men are from a prostate health diet. Imagine the cumulative effects of our choices... life enhancing or disease promoting. Now you understand one of the main causes of prostate disease. 

It is what happens over time that causes our health problems. It can be a challenge to move up the scale, but if you have a prostate disease then having a prostate health diet is such a key area to make improvements. In the long run, eating optimally will be the most important decision you can make for your health. 

You don’t have to make all the changes right away unless you are in a severe condition with prostate cancer. Just start to create your prostate health diet. As you start to feel better, you want to add better and better choices. 

Food kills or food heals: your choice. 


STOP your bad food choices now and replace with more "Good" or "Optimum" ones. Better food choices will start you on the way to creating your prostate health diet and help reverse prostate diseases.

Remember one of the key functions of the prostate gland is to remove toxins from the sperm to protect it. So toxins like pesticides, food preservatives and hormone disruptors wreak havoc with our prostates. And because the gland is adjacent to the rectum, toxins easily migrate through the thin rectal wall.

Sorry guys. We do pay a price for our bad habits. They catch up with us and one day - prostrate problems!

Now you know what causes prostate problems in men.

For much more in depth analysis of causes and what to do about regaining your prostate health and vitality, please check out my extensive ebook (380 pages), Healthy Prostate, that provides much more insight than I can provide here. Click on the image to read all about what's inside the ebook, which you can quickly download.

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