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Touchless Catheters:
Lubricated Hydrophilic Disposable Catheters for Easy Male Catheter Insertion

Touchless catheters are one of many types available for male catheter insertion. From the days back when I worked with my dad in his pharmacy when there were no catheters sold, men today have a buffet of choices for self catheterization.

Do you remember the story of the Spartans at Thermopylae? A small band of elite warriors held off the tens of thousands of the invading hordes at the pass and saved Greece from takeover. They were able to accomplish this because it is fairly easy to block a pass.

The urethra tube that empties your bladder flows through your prostate and even the smallest amount of blockage can shut the pass down completely or weaken the flow to a painful trickle.

I have suffered with benign prostatic hyperplasis, or BPH, and have had the joy of inserting catheters at least 3 dozen times. I’ll share all of my tips with you.

Self catheterization sounds a lot worse than it is. It does not have to be painful or horrific. In fact, compared to the pain of your bladder filling up and trauma of not knowing how you'll release it, inserting a disposable catheter is nothing.

At the end, when relief finally comes, you'll be thanking this little device. Later on this page, I give you a list of items for you to make your own Prostate Kit. I also tell you what you need to know if you have to do this away from home so that it's relatively easy, but most importantly, so that it's sterile and clean.

Touchless catheters are single-use, disposable catheters. For prostate attacks and your emergency use, get the 12-gauge. This is quite thin, and one size up from the smallest.

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Touchless catheters are lubricated!

What a difference this makes! They could not be touchless without the special lubrication that makes them slide in so much easier.

Touchless catheters for men are a penile catheter perfect for self catheterization. Unlike a permanent catheter, these are disposable intermittent hydrophilic catheters.

They are lubricated and can be easily inserted by just holding the external end. That's why they are called "touchless" — you don't have to touch the tube itself.

In addition, these catheters have a thin hydrophilic surface coating. When immersed in the saline solution in the package, this coating swells to a smooth, slippery film making the catheter far easier, safer and more comfortable to insert.

They come pre-hydrated. They can be used right out of the package. They are known as SpeediCath hydrophilic catheters. Individually packed and sterile, these are the best of the best.

They are fast to use, basically require nothing else other than something to wash the tip of your penis — soap and water, or an alcohol or iodine wipe.

And they are fast to insert. That's why they are known as Speedicath.

What you need for self catheterization

Catheter Prostate Kit

Here is a list of items to create the minimal Prostate Kit. You really won’t need the optional items, but I list them in case you can’t find the coude catheter: SpeediCaths. If you want other less expensive catheters, go here: Other Catheters

Minimum Prostate Kit:

  • 1 SpeediCath catheter lubricated: SpeediCath Coudé Intermittent Catheters or Straight-Tip SpeediCath. Choose 12 gauge 14” (#28492 - 12 FR, 14" Length) catheter for men. Buy several so that you have back-ups for the car, home, work, travel bag, etc. 12 gauge is the thickness of the tube. If you can't get 12s then 14s are ok as well but not quite as thin. 10s are too thin.
  • 6– 10 Alcohol Prep Pads. You can get 200 for a few bucks.
  • Xylocaine (very optional): Xylocaine Ointment Tube or Lidocaine With SpeediCath, you really do not need these, but if you are worried, then get some.
  • KY jelly (also very optional)
  • A plastic ziplock bag to hold all the items together as your emergency prostate kit.

For home use:

  • The same kit as described above, but you can substitute a bottle of alcohol with Kleenex tissues that you wet for sterilizing in place of the Alcohol Prep Pads.
  • Include 2 towels.

Tip: Add a SpeediCath Coudé Intermittent Touchless Catheter to your first aid kit.


If you are having troubles inserting then it may be best to go to your emergency at your hospital!

In case you can't here is what to try.

In the very rare case that a lubricated catheter is unable to pass through the prostate using all the above techniques, Use a higher gauge one: if a 12 did not work, then use a 14. If 14 did not work, use a 16.

This is contrary to what you think that a thinner one would be easier to succeed. The problem is that it is not strong enough to push through your enlarged prostate. A wider one will do the trick!

Or if you have tried a 14 or 16 gauge and they haven't worked then dropping down to a 12 or 10 may be successful.

Make sure the blue line is pointing upwards so the coude tip is up and you will be able to push a little firmer. Use some Xylocaine before inserting as described earlier.

First Choice:

SpeediCath Coudé Intermittent Touchless CatheterSpeediCath Coudé Intermittent Touchless Catheter



Olive Tip Coude Catheter

That's still a soft catheter.

Another option is a stiffer one:

Stiffer Catheter

But the size is the key when you have problems getting through. That is why it is wise to have a bigger size as a Plan B just in case.

Using a catheter away from home

One day you may need to use your kit in a strange place. The procedure is the same except you may be sitting at a public toilet. Just use your lap for your instruments. Be so very careful of good hygiene and sterility here. Pay attention to everything you touch.

Anything that goes onto the tube or catheter must be sterile before entering the penis. Use your alcohol pads here. Just place your thumb over the external end and then direct it so it can empty into the toilet once it starts.

I had to do this at an airport washroom once between flights as I blocked in mid-air. It can be done there and anywhere if you take your time, go step-by-step and pay attention to the details.

A touchless catheter is a lifesaver! It does the trick of relief beautifully! All you really need is an alcohol wipe and the Speedicath.

For step-by-step instructions on how to insert a cheap, less expensive brand of catheter, visit this page, and scroll down a bit.

For step-by-step instructions on how to insert a Speedicath coude catheter, visit this page, and scroll down a bit.

Here is one last and very important tip:

When you block and have tried some of the suggestions to release and they are not working, it can be best to decide early on to use the catheter rather than wait too long. The longer you wait the more traumatized you become, and it can be difficult to follow the steps if you are shaking all over.

Relief is at hand and it is not hard to do. So, decide to use the catheter earlier rather than later if you seem to be so blocked that you are not making any headway. It’s a blessing waiting there for you if you need it.

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