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Retrograde Ejaculation Cure?

by ChuckO

I was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes in my early 30's, as odd as it sounds, but about 12 or so years later I started noticing that I would not ejaculate Anything any more when I would 'come'. Although I would still have an orgasm, it didn't appear that I did and was diagnosed with Retrograde Ejaculation which is a complication of some diabetic males. I learned that due to scarring my sperm would go back into my bladder instead of out of my penis.
I'm now 60 and have no desire to father more children but it bothered me some anyway and often women who I was intimate with always had that 'I'm not sure if you're lying to me and don't find me sexually exciting' look on their faces, especially when getting oral, when I had an orgasm but nothing came out.
So I started looking into Sounding and about a year ago I got my first kit. In my head anyway, it made sense to try to open up where the scarring/blockage might be. I tried using the smaller ones first, but in being anxious I'd do something wrong and at first a tiny bit of red from blood would show up, and I'd stop for months, afraid of causing damage.
At the beginning of this year I pushed too much, and had the most blood, when I urinated the first time the pee was orange, and I had more than a drop of blood, so this scared the hell out of me, but I had no lingering problems but stopped sounding for six months. Actually I think i used too small of a diameter sound that time, but have recently approx a month ago started sounding again, and I can tell from experience and feeling/sensation that I'm entering the Prostrate, and can tell as I feel a slight resistance just before the sound enters my Prostrate gland and will slide in another 1 1/2 to 2 inches before stopping.
My point now is that I ejaculate again, in substantial amounts every time, after about 12 years without ejaculating Anything, and I can't help but believe I 'fixed' the scar tissue/blockage that wouldn't allow me to ejaculate all the way through my urethra in the past.
What is your opinion? Thanks


Ron here...

Sounds like you are now a happy man.

I can't comment on the technique you used as you are getting into more of a medical question.

Comments for Retrograde Ejaculation Cure?

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Mar 31, 2021
Retrograde ejaculation treatment
by: Wash B.Curt

After abdominal surgery I was told about the likelihood of retrograde ejaculation and I was not happy that the surgeon waited till after the procedure to tell me this was more than a likelihood. I worked 20 years as a sports injury and medical massage therapist luckily I knew people in the physical therapy department at the hospital who told me two options for reversal are usually not explain to a patient because of liabilities that taken out of context can ruin your career. There's some treatments involving prostate massage which is usually an awkward and avoided treatment for most men. The truth that nobody available to them is Shaq you must simply masturbate will find a way to have as many orgasms as possible as soon as possible. You can actually retrain re learn how to ejaculate. You can see how this could be taken out of context and the patient could to clear that the practitioner is obsessing about and constantly talking about the patient masturbating how many lawsuits would be springing up for sexual misconduct in and inappropriate behavior luckily I was told about it and the hardest part was having to have my catheter removed 4 times a day I'm not going to go into detail because I'll be accused of sexual watching this whole thing but after two weeks of anxiety and a lot of Tears I finally ejaculated in the right direction so to speak

Feb 14, 2018
retrograde ejaculation
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comment. I have also had this issue over the past few years and have relied on prostate massage solely which has provided positive results. I have just recently researched sounding and its potential benefits.
It appears you may have been utilizing an inappropriate appliance which could possibly be the cause of the trauma/bleeding experienced. It might be beneficial to research the options available and try other appliances.
Please disregard if you have undertaken that option already. It did not seem apparent in your post.

Oct 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

What does "sounding" mean?

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