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These Superb Prostate Diagram Pictures Are Truly Educational

urinary tract prostate diagram

This first prostate diagram shows the whole urinary tract system from the kidneys, down through the two ureters into the bladder, through the urethra tube passing inside the prostate gland and out the penis. 

That is why it sure feels good to go when you gotta go! 

But when you have prostate problems, peeing can become a nightmare with many troubling symptoms that have life changing impacts. 

When you start to block because of prostate diseases, you can experience a whole range of uncomfortable to highly painful symptoms. It's no fun peeing any more! 

It can burn like fire. It can dribble. It can force you to go many times in a short period and can wake you up constantly at night. It can cause back pain, hip pain, bone pain and, in some cases, block you completely so that not a drop can exit!

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And it will easily affect your sex life, making erections difficult, reducing ejaculate to almost nothing and make you miserable. 

Prostate problems sure change everything, and the troubling part is that you have no control over the symptoms. When you have to go, it can strike fast and furious. If you don't get to the can fast, watch out! 

Your choices are to soldier on, get medical interventions with an array of serious side effects or make changes to eliminate the causes so you can start to heal. 

That was my choice and that is what this website is all about... learning all about your prostate and then how to make the changes that will improve your prostate health. 

The next prostate diagram or prostate picture shows all the parts of the amazing male sexual and reproductive functions.

prostate glands functions prostate diagram

This last prostate image shows the back view of the prostate gland. This perspective reveals the ampulla of the ductus deferens (the ductus carries sperm from the testes-balls to the prostate gland, adding semen from the ampulla) where more fluids are added from the seminal vesicles. All these fluids get mixed in with prostate fluids ejaculated out of the prostate down the urethra and through the penis. 

Such a great ride when the prostate is healthy! 

I hope these superb prostate pictures and prostate images help you understand your prostate and what it means to your health.

back view prostate diagram

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