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Male Urinary Incontinence, a Major Side Effect of Medical Prostate Treatments

Male urinary incontinence, or overactive bladder, means you leak and can't completely control your urination which results in dribbling all the way to full release of your urine. 

Your bladder problems could be due to an enlarged prostate (BPH), but in this case, the results are usually a slower, more hesitant flow with occasional dribbling. 

If urinary incontinence from prostate problems is your issue, then take action to reduce the size of the prostate rather than have surgeries. 

Doctors and urologists down-play the side effects of their prostate surgeries and interventions, one of which is male urinary incontinence. 

The result is that you may have to wear either: 

  1. an external male catheter, or 
  2. adult diapers. 

External male catheters use a condom attached to the shaft of the penis with an adhesive to keep it in place while a tube connects to a small collection bag attached to your thigh. This way you avoid having to wear diapers. 

Long-term use of external male catheters can cause irritation and soreness of the penis, so it isn't an ideal solution for this condition. 

A far better solution is to use a penile clamp like the DribbleStop.

Keep in mind that both surgeries and radiation have incontinence as one of the side-effects.

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In my book Healthy Prostate, I say this:

There are awful side effects for conventional medical treatments. Impotence is almost guaranteed and incontinence highly likely.

Look at the explosive growth of adult diaper usage. I remember working in my Dad’s pharmacy as a teen. We never had adult incontinence diapers. It would have been unheard of in the early to mid 60s!

Doctors downplay these side effects and tend to promote the success of their treatments. (It may be because they are not fully informed with the latest information or perhaps because of how they get paid; very likely it is because of liability if they do not aggressively go after cancer.)

I also tell you how it really is with these modern treatments and why it is often best to treat the causes rather than the prostate symptoms.

Caffeine, alcohol, sugar and artificial sweeteners can promote the urge to go. So avoid these especially later in the day and evening.

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