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Prostate and bladder stones

by Erik

Dear Mr Bazar

Some three years ago I had a laser surgery to break up two large stones i had in the bladder.
They had caused pain and blood in the urine when walking or running.

Last year those symptoms returned, and an ultrasound exam showed that I now had many smaller stones.

Apparently the laser broke up the stones in small pieces that stayed on in the bladder and started to build up again.

Now I will shortly have a open surgery to remove the stones and the urologist want as well to do a surgery on the prostate. Knowing about the risks and side effects with that I am not very enthusiastic about it.

What are your take on this?
Would an alternative therapy with prostate massage and the other things you are writng about even be helpful to get rid of the bladder stones?
Or is better to remove the stones surgically and the use massage etc. to avoid the build up of new stones?
I will definetely not let the doctor to cut in the prostategland...
Best regards

Ron here,

Your diet and water consumption are things that directly affect stones in your bladder.

Here is info on using sound waves to break-up the stones...

and if your condition is not dangerous then these natural treatments may help as well:

Diet is key for long term health.

Best to see if non-surgical ways can solve the problem, but only if your condition is not too extreme... then intervention may be necessary.

I am not a doctor and cannot suggest what is best for you. Review the above links and discuss with your doctor.

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