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Prostate Pain Can Leave You Feeling Prostrate! No fun.

Prostate pain can take many forms because of both the source of the problem and its effects on the bladder. 

A prostate infection as in prostatitis can result in a lingering dull ache all the way to sharp stabbing sensations in the groin area. 

Remember your prostate is located behind your pubic bone and sits just below your bladder. So an infection in the prostate can easily cause prostate swelling, inflammation or a constant irritation.

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Prostate Pain

That's why riding a bike can become even more painful if you have this condition. The bicycle seat is more than a pain in the butt! It puts extra pressure on your prostate. 

Sometimes you won't feel the pain until after you have stopped riding. If that is when you notice it, then this prostate symptom or problem needs attention. 

Prostrate pain often is a symptom of an enlarged prostate or BPH. The pain can come from an intense extra swelling of your prostate brought on by a food or medication that you have had in the past 24 hours, exaggerating an existing condition temporarily. 

Many foods or drugs can trigger a prostate attack, meaning you are in a sudden, much more exacerbating situation with more intense symptoms. At the extreme, it can cause acute urinary retention or in simple terms, you can't pee at all! 

Your lower belly swells as your bladder becomes more and more bloated. You just can't go at all or, at best, only a few drops. The pain is so severe. You feel a burning sensation as you try to urinate, but with no luck. It leaves you feeling prostrate! 

This is now a medical emergency, and you will need to take action! 

The solution then is catheterization, the insertion of a catheter tube up your penis into the bladder going right through your prostate gland. Not the best use of the male instrument for sure, but the relief will be amazing as your urine drains out the catheter

Catheterization requires a visit to the emergency room and often a long wait while your prostate pain worsens. You can learn how to insert a catheter yourself with minimal discomfort. Yes, minimal discomfort is possible if you know how to do it. Check out my book Healthy Prostate where I go to great lengths about the best size and type of catheter to make it easy.

Burning Urination

This awful feeling of your pee track on fire happens when you are only able to dribble a bit of urine, but your bladder is so full it feels like it is exploding! 

Only a bit comes out because your prostate has squeezed the prostatic urethra. The result is burning urination. With time, a bit more will release and the crisis will pass. 

Something that you have done has irritated your condition to the point of acute urinary retention, like we have just described. It isn't as extreme as that when nothing comes out, but excruciating nonetheless. 

This too will pass, but it is essential to discover what triggered this prostate pain, so you can avoid it again. 

Of course, all these extreme conditions result from some form of prostate condition or prostate disease that needs your immediate attention. Read up on the causes in this site and take the recommended steps you find on this site or in great detail in Healthy Prostate.

Prostate Cancer Back Pain

Cancer of the prostate gland usually stays confined to the prostate capsule and can take years to manifest. Most often the best treatment is no treatment, otherwise known as "watchful waiting." 

Prostate cancer is very slow-growing, and now many urologists suggest not doing medical treatments which can easily result in unpleasant side effects like incontinence (can't hold your urine in...thus you wear adult diapers) or erectile difficulties (no more erections). 

Check out the functions of the prostate gland to really understand the role the prostate plays in sex. 

Also check out who is most at risk of having prostate cancer. 

If you do not make changes to your diet and lifestyle, then prostate cancer can grow, the cells multiply. In the worst case, the cancer spreads, or metastasizes, outside the prostate. 

Metastasis can lead to cancer in the bones and tissues of the lower back region. This sometimes results in prostate cancer back pain, a very serious condition of advanced cancer. 

Normal medical prostate surgery will not be able to stop the cancer from spreading. This is a life threatening condition. Your prostate pain will worsen. 

You face a choice of extreme surgeries and radiation that will most likely not succeed, but will be attempted by the heroic medical system if you allow it. It's your very difficult choice to make then. 

If it were me, I would opt to do all I could to reverse the conditions that caused the cancer in the first place. Remember that cancer is a natural response of the body to isolate and contain the disease as much as possible. 

In very advanced cases of prostate cancer metastasis, the choice may be how to best delay the disease when surgeries and other treatments will not completely rid the body of cancer. 

Only a reversal of the causes can provide a chance to do that. Natural prostate cancer cures will not be recommended by your doctor and further, they will be frowned upon

The reason I wrote my book and am creating this site is to help speed your learning curve. I offer an alternative to what I believe is the horrible methodology of today's medical system.

I also believe in learning causes, changing the conditions that set the stage for prostate pain or disease and allowing your body to heal itself naturally with cleanses, optimum food inputs and lifestyle changes. 

Dear reader, you face a choice. Please read more on this site or in my comprehensive book, Healthy Prostate

May your prostate pain become a passing memory!

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