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What Causes Prostate Cancer: Real Insights and What To Do

To me, this is the most important question: What Causes Prostate Cancer? 

Without knowing this, you become vulnerable to modern medical treatments for your prostate cancer that have many unpleasant, life-changing side effects. 

With the knowledge of what causes prostate cancer, you can change the conditions that led to it and hence heal yourself of the prostate cancer with just the opposite side effects — you will be healthier than ever. 

Look, it is not a mystery why. You just need to be exposed with an open mind to new information. 

Understand that prostate cancer is a natural result of many harmful inputs over years and decades. It is the way your body actually protects you from worse damage by containing your cancer away from vital organs and cells which could lead to death quickly. 

Andreas Moritz, an excellent health advocate and healer, wrote that it isn’t cancer that kills a person, it’s the numerous reasons that have caused the cell mutation and tumor growth in the first place. When it comes to treatment, he added, rather than focus on the cancer treatment, focus on the causes. 

Well, that is straightforward advice, yet we know that oncologists largely ignore the causes. Instead, the doctors pull out an arsenal of technological “cures” that have hair-raising effects on the rest of the body.

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For example, Moritz stated that chemotherapy and radiation most certainly are capable of destroying cancer cells, but along for the ride are your healthy cells, such as those of your bone marrow, your gastrointestinal tract, your liver, your kidneys, your heart, your lungs, etc. 

A great example of this is a woman who is radiated for lung cancer and, 10 years later, develops thyroid cancer because of the effects of radiation on those cells. She will then consume radioactive iodine in her thyroid cancer treatment, and her doctors tell her that this treatment will eventually cause her death. Yes, her life will be extended, but what is the quality of that life in the meantime? 

Moritz claimed that a true cure for cancer doesn’t come at the expense of the health of other vital parts of our bodies. His ideas not only differ widely from mainstream thinking about cancer but also are very profound in that his perspective could radically shift the way we think about cancer. Moritz questioned why our immune systems would collaborate with cancer to create more cells and/or larger tumors. 

His answer was because cancer is not a disease. It’s a survival mechanism. 

Now really consider this. What is our immune system attempting to survive? 

It’s attempting to survive the onslaught of deadly carcinogenic substances as well as caustic metabolic waste. Cancer, and its growth, keep this harmful matter away from the lymph and blood systems, which circulate throughout the entire body, and thereby protects the heart, the brain, and other important organs. These organs would be put at risk if the cancer cells are killed off. The waste would have to find another place to go in the body. 

Preventative measures include cleansing the body of all the toxins and waste products that have accumulated over the years and years of abuse and misuse due to not understanding the tolls of our lifestyles and our environment on our bodies. Moritz talked about these methods in his book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. 

Moritz concluded that cancer is a desperate, sometimes final, attempt at surviving that the body has the ability to do. When other measures to preserve the body’s health have not worked, only then, does cancer become established in the body in a healing attempt by the body and for the body. It’s in the body’s best interest, in fact, to allow abnormal growth of cells. If this healing attempt is block, the body is more likely to suffer. 

So what causes prostate cancer to manifest? 

  • lack of adequate sun exposure and Vitamin D levels
  • your diet
  • your exposure to toxins in food water and more
  • your weakening lifestyle habits
  • your lack of annual cleansing of your internal organs
  • your cooking methods and materials
  • your water quality
  • many household products and bodycare products 
  • your decreasing testosterone levels and increasing estrogen levels from toxins and poor diet choices. Go here to read more about hormone therapy fallacies advocated by doctors.

Most people think they eat healthily. But the reality is that there are many levels of healthy eating, and if you want to cure your prostate cancer naturally then you must move up the scale. And if you know you don't eat well, then life has caught up with you and it is time to change. 

And you must cleanse and detox your body carefully so it can eliminate toxins and enjoy the conditions that allow it to heal. 

Again, it's no mystery at all to me about what causes prostate cancer. 

Your job is to get up to speed fast so you can change the conditions and avoid the road to medical intervention which will have a dire effect on your life. 

Prostate cancer medical therapies have serious side effects like incontinence and impotence in addition to their overall weakening effect on your system's health. 

Work to stop the excess of estrogens in your body and to build up your testosterone to a healthy level. 

But I understand that my approach is not for all men with prostate cancer. 

It is for those who want to know the cause of prostate cancer and want to use those insights to be proactive about it. 

Pick up my book Healthy Prostate  to learn more about all the prostate cancer causes and what exactly you need to do to heal yourself without devastating side effects. 

Also, read the unsolicited testimonial from a prostate cancer reader who bought my book. His heartfelt comments sure felt good to me, a reward that my voice is being heard and appreciated.

I posted a comment on Forbes Magazine after an article: The New World of Prostate Cancer. To me, taking action without knowing what causes prostate cancer is missing the target completely. 

My point was that I think one day, in the far or not too distant future, we will look back to this time and its high rates of cancers and see how blind we have been. 

In traditional cultures, the incidence of prostate cancer is perhaps 1–5%. It begs the question: what causes prostate cancer? Without knowing this answer, the arsenal of medical interventions (slice, burn, and poison) are not cures. In fact, when measured two or more years later, many life-changing side effects are what men are left with. It’s worth checking out those studies before making your decision. Nobody wants to live with incontinence or impotence.

Modern agriculture, which has destroyed our healthy foods, and the toxins that we grow our foods in and spray on our foods, not to mention GMOs, are a big cause of cancers. What Andreas Moritz is saying is that cancer is a healthy response to protect the body. It’s far better for cancer to appear in a prostate gland where, for the most part, it’s is not life-threatening. 

It’s not rocket science. The only true cure is to stop the causes. Eat ‘real’ food. That means replacing prepackaged, prepared factory foods with the healthiest of foods—foods similar to those we ate 100 years ago. Also, cleanse your body of its toxic build up. 

Nobody’s promoting this in the mainstream because there is no money in it for the medical system, which has a monopoly on health care—or rather, sickness care. Instead, they work hard to subvert the ‘alternative’ health care and tout it as nonsense.

The best thing to do if you want to live without the dire side effects of conventional medical treatment for prostate problems is to opt for watchful waiting. But don’t just sit around ‘waiting.’ Become proactive—and empowered—in your own healthcare.

Yes, this takes work! No one comes to you and hands you a solution, and it’s all over. And it’s not for everyone, but for those men who want real health—not a reasonable facsimile, only to discover later that your ability to urinate and have sex are a shadow of your former vitality—I urge you to broaden your scope of understanding.

There is a Plan B. Understand what causes prostate cancer. Then the course to take becomes much clearer.

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