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Prostate Location

by Gabriel

I tried using the Sonic Prostate Massager for my first time, standing position but don't know if I located my prostate or not. I went in slow with it on and once I got used to the feeling I slowly went in further but never felt the prostate lump. I think I was in about a little more than 3", didn't feel anything, so I went a little further and then stayed there for a little over 90 seconds and took it out because I didn't want to hit something painful and freak out.

How would I know if I was in the right spot or not? I've heard it should be about the size of a walnut or could even be smaller but I didn't feel anything. Any advice appreciated, as both my father and brother have had, and is dealing with prostate cancer and I want to do whatever I can to avoid it. Thanks


Ron here...

You won't feel a lump. And it should not be painful. A normal prostate will have no painful sensations if you are gentle.

You did it correctly. Your prostate is opposite the rectal wall, so it received the sonic vibrations from the sonic massager.

Just insert without forcing it far in and let the massager run as you did.

If anything, it should be pleasurable.

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