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Faster Massage Results Technique

by Claude Armstrong
(Lakewood, Washington)

Ron, thank you so much for posting us guy's responses and questions with your reply.

The 10CC water-filled Foley Anchor in me slipped a few inches out, with the balloon embedded inside my prostate. The ER put a 30CC anchor in - it is a straight tip and I swear there is a new urethra through my prostate - man! It was horribly painful!

I bled heavy the 1st 24 hours, losing I estimate a quart(They sent me home off the ER table), and developed a medium fever. With an Big Pharma antibiotic, 200% daily zinc pills and a bottle of natural antibiotic root tincture my ND prescribed, I was into night #2 and getting weaker by the moment when I figured there was something missing.

I listened more intently to our Creator Who said I was the problem!

He showed me my pride and abuse of His design for my mind, heart, and body with selfish interests interfered with my health. He showed me where I needed to make changes and eliminations of things I have thought benefited me. Sick as I was, I figured I'd best get up and DO the due - what did I have to lose? What did He promise to deliver?

After I made adjustments, He showed me that massage of my prostate was not near enough. That fails to bring adequate fresh blood in. The way He directed me is running my hand down my back either side of the spine, pressing fairly hard, and going slow, laying on one side, then the other.

As I did this, and going down and pushing the blood in either buttock up into the prostate, there was a rewarding sensation of relief every pass. Next He showed me to lie on my back and gently, very slowly, press downward right at my pelvic bone a tiny bit farther with each exhale, into the prostate. This tended to push the Foley out of my bladder so I watched it exiting my penis to limit this.

Again there was fast relief in my prostate. I should state here that the sensations of the prostate feel like they are originating at the frenulum, just back of the penis head underneath, that super sensitive loose skin that feels so awesome to masturbate and during intercourse. Very little feeling in the prostate "feels" like it is "from" the area of the gland.

In 30 minutes the fever broke. The sharp, throbbing pain at my frenulum quit and the sensation of having the Foley in it disappeared. I don't know it's there until moving penis or tube.

In an hour my vitality returned with a rush, and I could not stay on the bed.

For the next 12 hours I cleaned my disaster bedroom - I have tons of hobbies, garden all year, have a zillion things, and live in 700 square feet, total. You can imagine!

Now for the first in years since my wife left for nursing care I have a whole bed to sleep in!

I'm so glad Our Father is patient! Yes, my spiritual wayward way blocked my physical well being.

Just sharing.


Ron here...

So glad you are getting relief!

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Dec 31, 2015
Making Ends Meet - Encouraging Big Pharma and My ND To Discuss My Case!
by: ClaudeA

Ron, maybe this is more for you alone, but it seems this may well fit more and more people turning to Natural Health care but having still to deal with ERs run by Big Pharma employees(All Synthetic MDs, Nurses, hospital employees and all licensed MDs are under oath to promote Big Brotha's Big Pharmacy Cartel)

In my case, as the Big Pharma Hospital ER put the catheter in me, and I reject the Big Pharma contract Urologists assigned to me strong requests to do biopsies and operations on my prostate, preferring Naturopathic care instead, I called and enjoyed a long conversation with the hospital Patient Advocate.

He usually gets requests and demands about malpractice and other patient grievances, so our discussion about developing a way for my two opposing health providers to communicate together for my healing was rather exciting for him.

You know, Ron, this same situation needs to come up more and more. As individuals wake up to the healing powers of our natural body, there must be a live dialogue between Big Pharma and Natural healers.

While I keep mum about this site so far keeping it out of the limelight and possible defamation or worse by Big Pharma interests, I so appreciate you and the work you share here, Ron.

Thank you!

For the Patient Advocate, Himself a natural health follower, I opened a blog page for links to health information we discussed. I will be adding much more from searches I did for my ailing wife before her death.

If you would also enjoy the "Soil 2 Cuisine" book I am creating in a Blogger series, here that link is

You and all are most welcome to leave comments


Dec 30, 2015
Two Things May Address Your Food Reactions
by: ClaudeA


When I researched how to reverse my deceased wife's organ failures, a book came about the very common misdiagnosis of a disease symptom actually caused by B-12 deficiency. The nurse author, as a girl, suffered years of diseases no doctor could relieve until she had an experience with getting enough B-12 to relieve her many symptoms.

She went on to become a nurse in pursuit of answers, and married a doctor who joined her pursuit, They treated hundreds of misdiagnosed people and then published "Could It Be B-12?"

Recently another really significant universal health reality discovery came to my attention

Methylation Problems Lead to 100s of Diseases

Dr. Benjamin Lynch, ND

Ben Lynch- MTHFR, Over Methylation, Histamine & Asthma

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