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Safe Methods for Reversing BPH Enlarged Prostate

by Jonni Aidoo
(Accra, Ghana)

I am a 57 year-old and have begun to notice symptoms of BPH. I will be much obliged if you would direct me to safe methods for managing (reversing) my BPH symptoms.

I found very helpful and exciting the piece on the merits of the Broccoli preparation for reversing or treating BPH.

I will be happy to try it immediately. Can you tell me, however, if there are pill or capsule supplements of Broccoli that would be functionally equivalent?

Thank you.


Comments for Safe Methods for Reversing BPH Enlarged Prostate

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Jan 26, 2013
by: legsdickson

About 20 years ago, my (now retired) physician became concerned about my rising PSA and referred me to a specialist. The specialist was a middle-aged doctor with a heavy German accent. He agreed with my doctor's assessment that my PSA reading was high (at that time I think it was 4.5) and suggested he could "fix" the problem through surgery and could perform that operation the following day if I would agree to go to the hospital in the morning. He mentioned that there were "alternative" treatments, but, he said, none of them superior to surgery.
I told him that I would "sleep on it" and get back to him later.
Then I went to the local health food store and bought a bottle of Saw Palmetto Extract (450 mg) and started taking the capsules daily. I've never looked back. Although I have a need to urinate during the night about 3 or 4 times, and getting up to do that can be a pain, especially if I have difficulty getting back to sleep (occasionally), I am so glad I opted out of surgery. I have two good friends who went through the surgery, and have since regretted it deeply, since they can no longer get an erection, cannot ejaculate, cannot control urination and need to wear diapers.
I am 81 years old now, and my prostate PSA test reading is more like 10.0 or 11.0 on the last testing (2 years ago). But my urine flow is good and I do not need diapers, and I can still maintain an erection fairly well.
I would recommend Saw Palmetto (now with pygeum and nettle added) to anyone to try before surgery.
I also eat a lot of broccoli and other green vegetables, no red meat, lots of fresh fish, and avoid coffee, sugar, white flour, white rice, white potatoes, dairy and most wheat products.
And, most importantly, I exercise regularly. My mantra is "stop moving and they'll start digging!"
Very little TV, lots of walking!

Sep 10, 2012
Steps to Reverse BPH Enlarged Prostate
by: Ron


Hi Jonni,

If you want to use natural methods to heal an enlarged prostate, then it is a matter of doing several things. There is no magic supplement or treatment that will do it in a jiffy.

Start with diet by stopping the culprits that cause the condition, replace with the highest quality food you can and then add some treatments like the broccoli prostate treatment and supplements.

Cleansing is also an important function to remove some past build up of toxins and excess that has built up over a lifetime.

Learn how to test for your bio-compatibility with different foods and prostate supplements as I describe in my book Healthy Prostate on this site... click on the left nav tab.

It takes a commitment to better health and doing what it takes to reduce stress to heal naturally. The benefit is the improvement to your overall health in all areas of your body.

Start with what you can and do more. Get exercise as well to speed up the process as it increases your metabolism.

Best in health to you,


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