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Why the prostate might be an innocent party in the nocturia nuisance

by Quarry

Ron here...

A writer wrote me about other causes of nocturia than the prostate (waking at night to pee).

He didn't want me to publish his insights so I will add my own comments.

Kidney / bladder / prostate: 3 organs that impact urination. As one gets older all 3 can cause nocturia:

1. kidneys weaken and so this can impact urination

2. bladder wall muscle weakens causing more frequent urination

3. prostate problems can restrict the urethra.

In actual cases, all 3 can play their part. If nocturia is your only symptom then it may not be your prostate. Your urolgist can test for this.

In some cases the top of an enlarged prostate can protrude into the bladder thus shrinking volume of bladder size.

No fun.

He did suggest this product for bladder causes of nocturia with very impressive results:

Thank you for your info!


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