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What does 3D's unblocking and draining of the prostate actually mean? And two possible equivalents for home use.

by Quarry


I would like to thank you for all your advice, which in some cases is more knowledgeable than an MD. It seems that the only things urologists have to offer are their index finger, a PSA test, and surgery.

You mentioned that besides diagnosing and removing viral and bacterial infections from the prostate, the 3D Clinic also “unblocks” prostate nodules, and “drainage” occurs. These are plumbing terms, not medical or scientific terms. Has 3D informed you enough so that this part of the cure can be explained in medical/scientific language? If so, perhaps we who find an expensive trip to China financially daunting or unaffordable might be able to try unblocking and draining our prostates at home.

Nodules are relatively big things in a relatively small organ like the prostate. I find it difficult to visualise nodules preventing drainage unless the whole prostate is full of nodules, like a gumball machine.

Scientifically, it seems to make more sense to arrange for cleansing and drainage of individual prostate cells, which would be microscopic compared to nodules. CytoDetox claims to have developed a product which is so small that it can enter cells and remove the toxins and trash therein, and then escort this toxic waste out of the body, whereas other well-known chelators and binders make a start but end up dispersing the toxic waste elsewhere in the body.

There is another product which has a proven track record for healing through cleansing and drainage. This is MRET water. Chernobyl produced plenty of victims, who were sent all over Russia for treatment. Some victims survived and recovered from their radiation exposure. Russian scientists investigated what separated the winners from the losers. The winners had been sent to health spas known for their healing water. The water was studied and found to be structured as a string or chain of molecules. Normal municipal water is structured like a bunch of grapes, and so cannot enter individual cells, whereas the linear can does enter the cells, bringing nutrients and sluicing out the waste and toxins. You can drink a lot of municipal water but your cells remain dehydrated.

It has since been discovered that young bodies have the capacity to structure water linearly, whereas older bodies can’t.

The inventor of MRET water has pretty much succeeded in simulating the linear structure of the water that healed the radiation victims of Chernobyl. So it should be able to perform the function of delivering nutrients to dehydrated prostate cells and flushing out toxins and other waste material.

The price of an MRET water structurer is perhaps about 2% the cost of 6 weeks of 3D Clinic treatment.


Ron here...

Nodules are the word Dr Song described to me about the BPH cells.... perhaps not a very technical name and some may have been lots in the translation... but I believe he refers to what the enlargement consists of.

I have no idea if there are other ways of first killing off the infections and other causal factors and then unblocking the enlarged components so that the debris can be removed.

Have you seen on his site my medical report and all the descriptions about how the treatment works? If not please spend more time doing that, and if you have questions please write the clinic for more insights.

As to structured water, it may well work for some people in some cases. A friend thought that her water that she makes with a special machine would be beneficial to me but when I personal test it as per pendulum testing (which has been a life-saver for me) I get a No. But that's me, and it could change to a Yes some other time. I trust y responses because I know it works... if you have never tried testing then you may be missing out on a simple tool to help you know what inputs are helpful to you and which are harmful.

I have a new book coming out this month on that subject on Amazon and will post it in a newsletter when that happens.

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