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Update For Earlier Message About The Harm Of Sunflower Oil Omega 6 Fatty Acid

by Claude Armstrong
(Lakewood, Washington)

I shared about my experience with switching from olive oil to sunflower oil which was the only diet change before my urine control muscle system severely blocked urine flow. Our 911 system automatically takes people to the local Big Pharma hospital and they ASSUME they have every right to mandate all patients in ER get toxic Big Pharma substitutes for honest natural nutrition to correct disease.

Well, in days following my ER I decided to pull the permanent catheter that they decided to place as they scheduled me for their Big Pharma Urologist visit. No questions about my health care desires, history, or any possible deviation from their military-type regimen.

My urine flow was unchanged during that first several days, so I ended up back in Er in extreme pain from my too full bladder. It's not coming out til I can find a naturopath doctor who can accurately test my system for its return to normal function.

Having said that, however, I found a bag of cold-milled flax seed flour. The cold milling mixes the high volume of omega 3 oil into the flour, with the 3X times smaller amount of tissue irritating omega 6 fatty acids. The recommended daily consumption is one to two tablespoons twice a day.

Within about 6 hours of taking my first dose of this flour the pain in my prostate-bladder area completely disappeared. That was a week ago. The pain has not returned.

The omega 6 fatty acid family is used by the immune system to cause tissue inflammation and swelling!

Yes - you read that right - omega 6 fatty acids cause body tissue inflammation by design!

Ancient diets were close to the unrefined, natural state of all plant and animal foods. The natural levels of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in nature is from 4 parts omega 3 to 1 part omega 6, to one part omega 3 to four parts omega 6(1:4 to 4:1)

Modern harvest of seed oils - corn, sunflower, soy, rape, or "Canola" seed, cotton seed, etc., causes destruction of more omega 3 fatty acids than omega 6, resulting in abnormal ratios of these two opposite function oils.

Omega 3 oil in body tissue causes the tissue to feel soothed, and it reduces the effects of inflammation and swelling caused by omega 6 fatty acids.

The hospital people I talked with about the harm I suffered with sunflower oil having 70% omega 6 fatty acids and less than 5% omega 3 had never before heard anything about this!

One doctor agreed that omega 6 is used to cause swelling, but had no clue of the commercial oils having out of balance levels between the two.

This problem goes much deeper, though.

I share this about omega 6 fatty acids because today's usual American diet contains on average 8 - 16 times the amount of omega 6 fatty acids.

The grocery store shelves are stuffed with tantalizing tastes that food processors load their products with - including the out of balance seed oils which their processing further puts out of balance the wrong way!

Not only do food processors add a gigantic list of toxic unnatural ingredients to make their product more tasty, but to preserve them unnaturally, and the body gets loads of toxic wastes it is harmed by and overloaded with trying to detoxify itself of this constant load of poison.

Do this search for sunflower oil: " is sunflower oil toxic " You can see many web pages of confusing material about sunflower oil. Find factual studies with documented results of the effects on body health that ingesting sunflower oil causes. The research I found states how nearly all plants form their seed with high levels of omega 6 fatty acids to discourage animals from eating the seed, thus ending the plant species existence.

Olive oil has little of either 3 or 6 omega oils and is excellent for tissue health. Cod Liver Oil has low omega 6 compared to its omega 3 fatty acids. Flax has over 3 times more omega 3 fatty acids than 6. Avocado oil, usually hot processed, has too much omega 6, as does grape seed oil. Macadamia nut oil has low omega 6 to 3 content, and coconut oil has almost none of either fatty acid. Cold processed, unfiltered coconut oil is one of the most healthy oils there is.

Just be sure that ANY food oil used is cold processed and extra virgin. The "Extra virgin" indicates it is the first oil to be collected from the raw plant material. It contains the most nutrients of the source material.

Applied to the prostate, with omega 6 causing inflammation and swelling of tissue, it stands to reason to reduce this fatty acid in one's diet, while raising omega 3 tissue-calming fatty acid oils.

The omega 3:6 ratio in grass fed meats is balanced and healthy. Not so for grain(seed-fed animals). Poultry raised on grass and not grain also has balanced omega fatty acids. Ditto Pork. Feeding grains to any food meat creature causes high omega 6 fatty acid ratio.

One of the best unprocessed food sources of high omega 3 is fatty fish that develops in the wild. Farmed fish eat grains and have high omega 6.

I use North Atlantic Cod Liver Oil. It also keeps blood platelets from clotting, and is best taken as 1 to 2 tablespoons CLO with 300 mg vitamin e with mixed tocopherals, a group of anti oxidants that mix with the CLO in the blood to prevent free radical formation. Dr. Jonathan V. Wright uses this recipe in place of toxic blood thinners. Search for Dr. Jonathan Wright Cod Liver Oil anti-clotting. The FDA tried to ruin his business four or more times, but he is honest and the courts threw out the FDA false claims.

Hope this helps someone reverse prostate-urine system issues.


Ron here...

Great insights. I talk about this in my books.
Here are some more suggestions:

1. Buy whole flax seed and grind fresh in your coffee grinder instead. Fresher and better this way. Grind what you need and keep the seeds in the fridge.

2. Wild salmon and sardines are excellent sources.

3. Grass fed butter and ghee are also good sources.

4. Learn how to personal test for all your food inputs. For instance, I can only have some coconut oil as I start reacting if I have it daily. Any food or supplement no matter how "good" can for some folks cause problems. Check out the page on the site called Personal Testing for more info.

So glad for you that you found your solution.

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