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Two alternative, cheap, non-invasive, possibly effective remedies for BPH

by Quarry


You mentioned that “at some point” the Chinese 3D Clinic would want to open a branch in America. From everything I know, that won’t be in our lifetime.

In American medicine over the past century, any medical innovation by a single unaffiliated doctor is assumed by the AMA and all the other authorities to be by definition suspect. If the innovation isn’t outright prohibited, expensive, double-blind, peer-reviewed scientific studies are required to prove that the medical innovation is safe and effective. The history of the past century shows that when the authorities arrange the studies, they deliberately sabotage the results to show failure.

American medical authorities will never allow one clinic to monopolise a type of treatment. Therefore 3D would need to be willing to demonstrate and train American doctors in the 3D techniques and protocols. 3D would lose its exclusivity, and would soon have dozens or hundreds of American competitors to its own techniques, who would not have the language and cultural barriers 3D would have in America. So there would be no point in 3D opening a clinic in America.

The way the American medical profession thinks, if some Chinese doctors sets up shop in America and claims to have a more effective way of treating BPH than TURP surgery, it makes all American doctors immediately look inferior and primitive and asleep on their feet. The AMA and its members would never accept that.

In my limited understanding, the 3D Clinic in China largely cures BPH by treating prostate infections, which then allows the prostate to spontaneously heal, a process which includes drainage and thus shrinkage. Are there any other ways of healing internal infections besides direct injection of herbs into the prostate in China?

Alternative and holistic western medicine claims to offer many such internal infection remedies. One of them is colloidal silver, which has a long and very good track record at healing difficult infections which persist, such as toenail infections.

The silver is usually taken orally, although it can also be applied topically. Silver Edge is one of many businesses selling a silver preparation maker, and on its website there is a section titled Colloidal Silver Success Stories. Way down the list is a testimonial from a man who cured his BPH symptoms with silver in two weeks. He details his daily dosages. Other success stories include healing from hopeless end-of-life cancer.

Every body is different, as you well know, Ron, and perhaps this remedy might work for some where other remedies haven’t. People make their own colloidal silver because it’s cheap. But some say it’s not nearly as effective as one particular brand of manufactured colloidal silver, Sovereign Silver, which offers nano-silver and positively charged particles for superior assimilation.

Another possible remedy for BPH: I just learned that rosemary effectively breaks down estrogen. No one seems to know exactly what role estrogen plays with BPH, but we do know that testosterone diminishes steadily in men with every passing year of age, and estrogen increases in men with every passing year, and that when these two trajectories on a graph start to cross over, BPH happens.

So rosemary might be a good supplement to take for BPH. You can also grow it readily and easily as a perennial herb (climate permitting). It’s also anti-carcinogenic, not surprisingly, since prostate cancer is categorised as a hormonal cancer. I’ve started to eat it fresh out of the garden, and it acts as an appetite suppressant, which suits me.

It suits me, because abdominal fat is the equivalent of having ovaries. The fat cells stimulate or generate estrogen.

Solaray makes a concentrated rosemary extract. Very cheap.


Ron here...

You are probably right about the AMA, so 3D may have to set up in Hong Kong or a more easily available location than Xiangtan.

I just tried non silver for nail and skin... no results. Also took orally for 2 weeks with no results for a simple flu.

As you say we are all unique for sure and so someone else may get results from different herbs/supplements etc for the prostate.

3D does more than kill off infections... it uses other meds to break-up the BPH nodules so the particles can more easily be discharged through urine and dissolved into the blood flow. Without its unblocking medicine the treatment would not work.

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