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Know the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer!

The early symptoms of prostate cancer in the majority of cases are difficult to recognize. Most men won’t discover they have contracted the cancer until it has spread.

There are no set symptoms that apply to everybody and each case can be different, with the cause of a particular symptom due to other, unrelated conditions.

Discovering you have any of the symptoms relating to prostate cancer can be a frightening experience, but, it should act as a wakeup call to change your lifestyle. By cleansing your body, eating high quality foods and pursuing a healthier lifestyle you can quell the conditions that cause prostate problems.

With prostate cancer most likely to occur in men over 50, ensuring you are leading a healthy lifestyle, even if you aren’t experiencing the symptoms, can help prevent prostate cancer form occurring.

The first call of action for the majority of people who experience the symptoms listed below and fear they may have prostate cancer would be to get onto the phone and arrange an appointment with their doctor. However, a GP’s knowledge is limited and they can easily miss early signs of the cancer’s development.

It is much more advisable to arrange a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) from a urologist. Urologists are much better equipped in detecting early signs of prostate cancer and are knowledgeable in the textures of a healthy prostate.

The following symptoms all relate to prostate cancer, although they could be caused by another health problem, such as diabetes, or by medications such as anti-depressants and as such should be a sign that you need to improve your lifestyle and look after your prostate.

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There are many risks of a prostate biopsy: from infection to the spreading of dormant prostate cancer cells outside the protective prostatic capsule, leading to a spread of the cancer. A biopsy is not risk free!

Most Common Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

• Needing to go for a pee more often, especially at night

This is one of the symptoms that many men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer look back on and remember. If you find the need to urinate in quick succession or are waking up during the night with an urgent need to pee, you should see it as a sign to stop and make changes.

• Difficulty starting to urinate

This can happen if you feel an urgent need to pee, only to discover nothing comes out or that you stop mid-stream while urinating. Due to the prostate gland surrounding the urethra, even a tiny tumor can cause difficulty with urination or ejaculation. The prostate gland enlarges with age and causes similar urinary difficulties, a way of your body telling you to improve your health.

• Dribbling urine

This is essentially a male version of urinary incontinence, occurring on a small but noticeable scale. It can be noticeable if you spend a lot of time waiting for the dribbling to stop after urination or find that you are involuntary dribbling in your pants.

• A weak urine flow/straining or taking a long time finish urinating

Another common symptom is if you find you are struggling to release urine and it is only coming out in fits and starts or you need to push hard in order to urinate. When urinating becomes a battle rather than a normal function it may be a sign of the early development of prostate cancer.

• Less Common Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
There are other symptoms to look out for that could often be related to another health problem but if discovered should signal it is time to make a commitment to changing your diet and improving your health:

• Pain when urinating
• Pain when ejaculating
• Blood in your urine or semen
• Problems getting or maintaining an erection
• Frequent pain in the lower back, upper thighs or hips

If you have discovered any of the above symptoms of prostate cancer, it should be seen as a sign of your body telling you to improve your diet and change your lifestyle.

Rushing to your local doctor could lead to a PSA test that are proven to be inaccurate and then a prostate biopsy and a medical in intervention involving surgeries and more if there is the slightest sign of cancer.

These interventions do not improve your life expectancy and have very real side effects which you can read about here or in my book Healthy Prostate.

The best things to do about prostate cancer symptoms is to change the conditions that cause prostate cancer: your diet and lifestyle. Start doing prostate exercises, remove toxic foods from your diet, ask your doctor if gentle prostate massage would be OK for you to do, and optimize all your inputs with the healthiest ones possible.

This way you change the conditions that brought you to this place. You will then have a much improved health as a result and your symptoms of prostate cancer can start to disappear.

Prostate-Cancer Test Not Worth Risk, Advisory Panel Says

Bloomberg News writes in a recent article that "the PSA prostate-cancer test used by half of US men older than 40 carries more risks than benefits and shouldn't be used to diagnose the disease, a US panel said, reaffirming its earlier advice. Scientific studies suggest the number of deaths avoided" ...

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